Monday 9 July 2012

Three down, twenty-one to go!

This weekend I decided to forget all of the commitments I have signed myself up for and spend some time working on a project that is just for me. I started my Time for Tea quilt a while ago to make use of a piece of embroidery that had been gathering dust in the cupboard. The first border has been attached for a while and the 2.5" squares for the Friendship Stars I had planned for the second border have been cut for ages too, so this weekend I decided was the right time to make some more progress.

I discovered when I started marking the squares for HST's that I had been too generous in my cutting and had twice as many squares for the triangles as I needed, so I only needed to mark, sew and cut 96 squares! Still, there is a quilt in the Sunday Morning Quilts book that I would like to make sometime that uses leftover triangles, over 500 of them (!), so at least now I have the start of a triangle stash :)

Ignoring the rising heat and then thunderstorms around me, I determinedly ploughed on with the sewing and cutting to produce 72 pieced strips for the blocks.

The fabric is Sunny Happy Skies by Riley Blake and is rightly named, because they are such cheerful fabrics. I had time, just, before the Men's Championship Final at Wimbledon kicked off to get a couple of Friendship Stars sewn up too.

So, progress has been made, but as the title says only 3 down, 21 to go!

Whilst watching Wimbledon my latest project from Made in France, Cross -stitch in Red, white and blue was the particularly apt strawberry pattern. I stitched it on a small hand towel that I bought in a textile factory outlet in Estonia on our last trip there. Fortunately being one colour the pattern was not too complicated as I couldn't have coped with the anxiety of watching Andy Murray's gallant performance and a complex cross-stitch pattern!

Hope you have all had a productive weekend too.

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  1. I have a new appreciation for the pile of neatly ironed fabric. Love the floral fabric!

  2. I love your strawberry stitching - it looks so pretty on the towel.

  3. Lovely fabrics .. good luck with the rest of them!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I am looking forward to having another finish in the not-too distant future!

  4. Good luck with the remaining 21!

  5. Loving the friendship stars! What great fabric. So nice to make something just for you too!

  6. It is always good to take some time for your own projects! I can't wait to see the final product, those blocks are definitely cheery! Those cross-stitch strawberries are adorable.

  7. Just. Small sewing project then! The stars are looking fab, and the strawberries re really cute! Perfect for wimbledon watching!


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