About me

I am a Scot recently relocated back to the UK after four years living in Latvia. I am a mum to three grown-up sons,  married to an Irishman who relocated us to Riga to experience a different lifestyle before we reached the uncharted waters of retirement. Living there was not without its complications but we wouldn't have missed the experience for the world.

I dabble in all things crafty with varying degrees of success! Currently my passions are sewing, especially handbags and patchwork and quilting, jewellery making, although I am very much a novice at that and cross stitch, which I have done for years but still only aspire to the craftsmanship achieved by my mother.

Living in Latvia with its abundance of linen and linen products not only recharged my interest in cross-stitch but also sparked an interest in embroidery too.

I enjoy cooking and baking although I am still struggling to adjust to catering for 2 instead of 5 adults, as my waistline will bear witness to!

Shopping on the internet for hard-to-find supplies led me to the wonderful world of creative blogs, quiltalongs and sewing swaps. Having lurked for many months on several blogs I have finally taken the plunge and started my own blog to engage with all the wonderful crafters and bloggers around the world.

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