Thursday, 24 December 2020

Cosy Clothes

 Although I have been neglecting this blog lately, my sewing machine has been whirring away.After the glut of t-shirts, shirts and shorts made for gorgeous grandsons in the summer a whole new world of autumn and winter makes beckoned!

First up this doggy sweatshirt for the littlest grandson. I have had the fabric for ages but for some reason had never got around to using it until now. The pattern was another from  Ottobre magazine and was very straightforward apart from those tiny cuffs! 



As you can see I managed to get the dogs on one of the cuffs upside down, fortunately I am sure that the recipient will not notice :)

Of course I can't make a top for one grandson without making one for his big brother too!

Dinosaurs in space fabric from Flamingo Fabrics It has a brushed backing so it is very cosy! Our grandson has asked me a couple of times why the dinosaurs are in space though?  I haven't been able to come up with a satisfactory answer for him yet :)

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