Christmas Pudding Applique Tutorial

 Christmas Pudding Wreath Tutorial

 Christmas Pudding Hot Pad Tutorial

Coffee Lovers Gift Set Tutorial

Home for the Holiday Table Runner

Home for the Holidays Table Runner Tutorial

Christmas Panel Cushion Tutorial

 Christmas Card Hanger Tutorial

Sentiment Hanger Tutorial

Travel Coin/Key Tidy Tutorial

Owl Notebook Cover Tutorial

Button Brooch Tutorial

 Armchair Athlete Cushion Tutorial

Babushka Backpack Tutorial

  Nautical Cushion Tutorial

  Saaremaa Star EPP Block Tutorial 

  Halloween Bunting  Tutorial

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Tablemat Tutorial 

  Christmas Voucher/Money Gift Card  Tutorial

Dishwasher Vodka Tutorial


  1. I've pinned your tutorials page, Fiona. Putting them all together really shows how many tutorials you've done... worth the work.

  2. Do you offer a pattern for houses on the applique draught excluder made from jeans?

    1. I don't sorry the beach huts were just cut from patterned fabric and appliqued to the denim.


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