Monday 31 October 2022

Spooks and sewing

 A couple of months ago our younger grandson put in a very specific request for his next granny sewn outfit. He wanted a vampire outfit for Halloween, well how could a granny refuse? I came across a couple of paper patterns for sale on a Facebook group that were exactly what I needed. An online fabric shop later and I was ready to start stitching. 

There were so many new to me's involved in the making of this, it was a real labour of love! Attaching the stand-up collar to the cape definitely taxed my poor brain and there was some fudging involved in the end, but the recipient will not notice I am sure. The pattern had the cape attaching with a tie at the neckline and the shirt collar closing with a hook and eye, but knowing nearly 4 year old boys as I do I thought they might be an accident waiting to happen. I, therefore, left the shirt collar open and made the front fastening with red ribbon and velcro so that said nearly 4 year old could put it on and off himself, and it could be removed easily in a hurry if the need arose :)

The pattern also included dress knee length trousers but I decided instead to make a pair of black joggers on the basis that they would be more comfortable and that he would get use out of them afterwards too. 

Of course, I couldn't make for one grandson and not the other but as the 6 year old was already sorted with a costume I made him an appropriately themed warm pullover instead. The shawl collar on this took me 3 attempts to get right, but we got there in the end.

And now I have a granddaughter to make for too! One Halloween romper for a little miss who cannot be left out and will, no doubt, in the not too distant future be putting in her own requests for outfits. A whole new world of sewing awaits :)

On the basis that I really need to use up my fabric stash before I invest in any more fabric, I used up the last of my Halloween fabric on Halloween underwear to keep the boys warm as they head out to their friends for treats and fun. I only realised after I had cut out the vests that the fabric is upside down on one (mummies on their heads!) but hopefully the grandson won't notice!

I have another Halloween make but that will not be revealed until November 1st when the next Endeavourers Challenge is unveiled here

Happy Halloween to all!

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