Sunday, 1 July 2012

A jumble of June projects

I am beginning to like putting together a Mosaic at the end of each month, when I think I haven't actually finished much in a month it is a pleasant surprise to find that, actually, I have been busier than I thought!

The makes this month are a motley selection, and probably a good indication of my "butterfly" tendencies of flitting from one project to another :)

Lots of little projects have fitted in with the travelling we have been doing recently, so portable projects like the crochet flowers and Dorset buttons have fitted the bill. I am most pleased with finishing the Campervan doorstop as it has been many months in the making, it is just a pity that the reason for making it, for youngest son's flat at University, has now disappeared with his graduation a couple of weeks ago! Still, a finish is a finish.

We have no travel plans for the next few weeks, so I am hoping to get stuck into some bigger projects and maybe even finish off the NY Beauty QAL blocks that are haunting the cupboard!

If you have missed any posts in the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop check out the great tutorials here This week's posts in the Blog Hop will be from:

July 3
Jennifer from Knotted Thread

July 5
Sarah from Sarah Lou
Catherine from Knotted Cotton
I have seen sneak peeks of a couple of the projects being lined up and can't wait to see them revealed in all their glory. My post for the Blog Hop is due at the end of the month so I need to get cracking on my post and project for that too, so the NYB blocks might not see the light of day after all :)

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  1. Wow! You have had a productive month. I'll be traveling this month and hope to accomplish as much as you did while traveling. I mainly sew on hexie flowers. Have a great day.

  2. A lovely collection of makes!

  3. Great projects. Your crochet is beautiful..

  4. Lovely to see everything in one place - you've been busy!

  5. Your projects all look beautiful! I wish that I had been as productive in June as you were. I'm hopeful that July will be more productive.

  6. A lovely collection of projects ... wish I had produced anything at all in June but it was a really dire month for me for crafting! Those buttons are really intriguing!!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I suspect that August will be a dire month for me for crafting, so I am hoping to be so productive in July that it will make up for it in advance :)

  7. I am amazed at all you accomplished in June - especially with traveling. I really love those buttons. I am going to have to go back and find that post again and save it as a favorite.

  8. Well done you, hope you get to your bigger things soon :o)

  9. Wow you got loads done! I have to say that I covet that camper van doorstop it is just so cool

  10. lovely things! The raincloud mugrug is adorable!

  11. Love your finishes :-) The dorset buttons are beautiful!

  12. Wow you have made a lot in a month! Look forward to reading more about you on the Blog Hop, and looking forward to your tutorial. I need to get my thinking cap on for mine, I'm up in August and it's approaching all too fast lol!

  13. Looks like a productive month! How great to have little portable projects to take with you on your travels!

  14. Your month looks very productive : ) Good on you


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