Thursday, 2 January 2014

Starting with a finish!

Happy New Year! I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2014.

In between all the cooking and clearing up I managed to sneak in a little bit of sewing to finish one of the projects on my Q4 FAL.

I had planned to make a cushion as a housewarming present for my son and his fiancee in October, but sadly never got around to making it in time for our first visit to their new home. So, instead I thought that it would make an ideal Christmas present.

The wine bottle fabric was a gift from Swedish Scrapper and the plain wool fabric was in a scrap bag that I bought on my last visit to Oxfordshire, both of them have been sitting patiently waiting on me to finally use them.

Wine bottle cushion

And here, at last, is the cushion! I roughly followed a pattern in Pillow Pop, but added the appliqued wine bottles and quilted the patterned fabric with a Free-Motion swirl instead of the straight line quilting in the book.

I am delighted with this and, thankfully, so were my son and his fiancee :)

I am even more delighted that this is my first finish on my list for the Q4 FAL!

she can quilt

The Q4 link up closes on January 8th, so I am hoping to sneak at least one more finish in before the deadline.

As it is a Thursday it wouldn't be right to have a post without a touch of randomness. I came across these wicker reindeer on a visit to a local stately home today. 

Wicker Reindeer

Aren't they lovely? Oh to have a garden big enough to put them in!


  1. Such a lovely finished cushion, both fabrics compliment one another and the appliqué wine bottles just finish it off beautifully. I love the way you quilted the wine bottle fabric too, simply gorgeous.

  2. Great start to the year! I love the bottles/wool combination.

  3. Yay for another finish! Aren't those reindeer lost though? Their time was last week ;o)

  4. Awesome cushion. The appliqué was a great idea.

  5. great cushion, an good to already to have one finish this year, I still need to get started on one

  6. What a great cushion! Nice start into the New Year!

  7. Happy New Year Fiona. Hope 2014 is a great year for you :-)

  8. Lovely pillow! The deer are great! You have to have a really big space to store that sort too!

  9. The cushion is beautiful I love it I bet they were delighted! xx

  10. No wonder your son and his fiancee loved the cushion. Great idea to add the appliqued wine bottles... sets it off beautifully.

  11. The wine fabric is fab and the appliqué inspired! Well done! I went on a course a year or so ago and have my own life size deer in the garden, just one though!!!!


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