Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Q4 FAL - the final outcome!

Time to look back and check out whether my list of hopeful finishes for the Q4 FAL turned out to be more hopeful than finished!

she can quilt

First up, naturally, is the HST BOM quilt that didn't quite get finished by the end of Q3. FINISHED!Blogged here

HST BOM Quilt top

Second, another carry forward from Q3, the Craftsy BOM quilt top. NO PROGRESS :(

Craftsy Catch up

I had hoped that this would be a Christmas present for my son and daughter-in-law, but it will now have to be a housewarming present when they move in the Spring.

The third project on the FAL list was meant to be a housewarming present for my son and his fiancee, but finally made it as a Christmas present instead! FINISHED!Blogged here

Fourth on the list is another long-standing project from last year's Zakka SAL, the house pouch. NO PROGRESS :(

The fifth project on the list is also a bag, but this time a proper handbag size bag. NO PROGRESS :(

My sixth and final finish for Q4 will, hopefully, be the wallhanging I have been paper-piecing monthly with Quiet Play's BOM NO PROGRESS :(

And Sew On BoM Button[3]

Not as much progress as I would have liked, although I am delighted to have that HST BOM quilt off of the list, as I think I have had it on every quarter's list for the year :)

I did make all of these instead whilst I was studiously ignoring most of my FAL list, so it wasn't all bad!

Thanks Leanne for hosting the FAL, it has been a real help in concentrating the mind!

Here's hoping for more finishes in 2014, and lots of encouragement from this year's FAL host Katy!


  1. Your finishes are wonderful! Unfinished projects can be a bit of a ball and chain - I can never decide if they should just be chucked!

  2. you did great! i think the Christmas season would be a difficult time to finish projects when you want to be making gifts or just enjoying the time. you made such thoughtful Christmas gifts. i am sure you will get some of those WIPs wrapped up this quarter ;)

  3. I did the same - made lots of things that weren't on my list! I love the colours you are using for the Craftsy BOM so looking forward to seeing that one finished :-)

  4. You did really well, especially with all those other makes in there too!
    And theres always the next quarter!!!

  5. Two finishes is awesome! It is so hard to get the bigger projects done in Q4. You did a fantastic job getting all your holiday gifts done. I promised my family handmade gifts, but I didn't manage to follow through. lol

  6. I think you did fantastically well. And all those other projects that distracted you are wonderful.

  7. the 4th quarter is always a bit hit or miss, depending on how many things are on the list for Christmas! You did great though x

  8. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, and you needed some for Q1 anyway ;o)

  9. Seems like you've been plenty busy! Nice work. :)

  10. I think you did fantastic! Sometimes towards the end of the year it is hard to concentrate with the holidays and all. But you finished so many lovely projects. Well done :)

  11. You just knew that you had to leave some on the list ready for Katy's reign! Well done on the finishes you did manage though - it looks like a lot of work went into those HSTs, it's nice to think that all that work has resulted in a quilt which can actually be used!

  12. You did so much in 2013 ... About a gazillion more finishes than I managed. It's been fun to watch.

  13. Your finishes are wonderful! Unfinished projects can be a bit of a ball and chain - I can never decide if they should just be chucked!Top Ten Web Hosting Reviews


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