Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Christmas Sorted!

Were you like me this Christmas past, full of good intentions and then burning the midnight oil trying to get everything finished in time? Or maybe, you discovered some great makes in the run-up to Christmas but didn't have the time to tackle them and by the time you get round to Christmas crafting this year you will have forgotten what they were.

Well, let me introduce you to Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew, our latest monthly Link Party that is going to make you the most organised you have ever been by the time the big day dawns, well as far as crafting goes anyway:)

Paula of Mud, Pies and Pins  and I were bemoaning our lack of organisation in our Christmas crafting and wondered how we could make things different this year, when we hit upon the idea of hosting a Christmas/Holiday craft Link party every month. The idea being that if we made one or two things every month then by the time December arrived we would be so organised we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves!

The Link Party will open on the 18th of each month and will remain open until the end of the month to give you plenty of time to link up your projects.

Each month there will be a tutorial from ourselves or some very crafty guest bloggers to give you ideas for a gift or home decoration to make and hide away, so that by the end of the year you will have a host of handmade gifts and decorations all ready and waiting.

In addition, we have some great prizes lined up for the Link party, so there is an added incentive to link up, as if you need it!

Some of our lovely sponsors

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The Link party will kick off on January 18th with a tutorial for some truly, lovely home decorations by Paula at Mud, Pies and Pins, and the added incentive of the chance to win the Ornamental and Sew Seasonal pattern bundles from Quiet Play's Craftsy Pattern Store when you link up.

So, what are you waiting for grab the button and get crafting and I will see you on the 18th :)


  1. Great idea, the sort of thing I always think of at the end of December and promptly forget by January.

  2. What a brilliant idea...I might just be able to get organised this way.

  3. What a great idea! Count me in...though I don't know what to make first.

  4. great idea. I want to make some Christmas things for me!!! A tree skirt and a cushion are top of my list!

  5. Fab idea Fiona, I've promised myself I'll make something each month this year instead of repeating the sweatshop operation I had going in my sewing area for November and December 2013 - this is just perfect :D

  6. that is such a good idea. Fingers crossed I'll be able to join in... I'll have to see how my month pans out!

  7. What a great linky! And one that is needed!! I better start planning what I would like to accomplish :)

  8. I love this idea! Time to hit up Pinterest and start planning gift ideas!

  9. What the what!!!??? Remind me in June!!

  10. Great idea!!! Does it include a where- to- find-it- in- December section ?

  11. I'm in! Thanks to Pam ^^ for sending this on to me, and I see Wendy may join as well! I'm planning on doing 6 hooded bath towels for the greats (niece + nephews) for Christmas, and have the towels bought for #1 - hopefully I can get it done this month :)

  12. Sch a great idea! This is definitely the time to start :)


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