Friday, 25 October 2013

New to Me in October

It's the 25th of the month, which means you know what is coming in two months time!

Less worryingly it also means that it is time to link up to

There hasn't been a lot of new activity going on in my little part of blogland, although hosting a voting competition was very definitely a first for me :)

Responses from the prize winners suggest that winning a competition was a first for some of them too!

I can't wait to do it all again next year :)

My other first this month was much messier than sewing, as my daughter-in-law and I treated ourselves to a cupcake decorating class a couple of weeks ago. Instead of dressmakers pins it was rolling pins that dominated our afternoon.

We learned a number of different techniques and surprised ourselves at the standard of our finished cupcakes, not quite Great British Bake Off admittedly, but certainly much better than we had hoped for at the start of the day.


Needless to say they didn't last long on our return home :)

So, what have you been up to this month?

Link up your New to Me posts below and share your triumphs and/or disasters.

As ever please help to spread the word by linking back to this post in your post and/or adding the blog button to your sidebar.

Check out the other links and leave a comment along the way. The emphasis of this link party is to celebrate the trying of something new, whether it works out exactly as planned or not, so a little encouragement here and there would not go amiss! 

The link will remain open until October 31st so if you haven't already tried something new you still have time :)


  1. Looks like a fun class, especially if you got to eat the results :o)

  2. Looks like a fun day cupcake decorating. Adding a neckline as specified in the Darling Daisy dress was totally new to me and with an outcome I was thrilled with, so I've added that project. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Congratulations on hosting a great competition. I look forward to it being a yearly event.

    Those cupcakes are gorgeous. I would have a hard time bringing myself to eat them.

    New to me this month is finally finishing a quilt, and finding a strange joy in adding a quilt label to a completed quilt.

  4. cake decorating skills are very good but remember the hips! stitching is so much easier on the figure!

  5. Looks yummy, like art that you get to eat! Best of both worlds :)

  6. Oh those cupcakes looks so yummy! I was drooling over them when you first showed them on Instagram. You did a fantastic job!

  7. Those cakes look delicious, well done on acquiring another new skill.

  8. i have always wanted to take a cake decorating class but have yet to do it......someday. Looks like you had fun and you sure did have great results!!

  9. The cakes look really pretty! my new-to-me was stained glass, great fun but not sewing related

  10. I am very impressed at your first attempt of decorating cupcakes, they look perfect and very yummy. My new-to-me was mastering the understanding of reading and using a new crochet stitch from a chart of unfamiliar to me crochet symbols. I am using the new stitch to design three styles of baby sweaters, the first of which I have linked here.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog via the Slow Blog Linky :-)

    1. I'm impressed Linda, those charts always look like incomprehensible gobbleydegook to me:)

    2. I managed another first today, with my second baby sweater I managed to shape a V neck, I had best get on with the third one so all three are ready when I visit in November x

  11. Those cupcakes are beautiful! That must have been a fun class. :)

  12. Your cup cakes are amazing! I'm sure I must have done something new in October...


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