Monday 14 October 2013

Making Christmas - another list!

When Janine asked me if I would like to join in with the Making Christmas Blog Hop that she was co-hosting with Rebecca, well I didn't need to be asked twice!


The aim of the Blog Hop is to provide encouragement and support to bloggers as they work through their list of craft makes for Christmas. Well, you know me, I love a good list, and what could be better than one good list? Two good lists of course :)

To join the party too, all you need to do is make a list things you want to get done before Christmas. How satisfying will that be! Then link up your list here

You can include things that are specifically Christmassy, such as gifts and Christmas decorations, but you can also add in your intended Halloween and Thanksgiving makes and any other handmade projects you want to get finished by December 25th at the very latest!

To encourage everyone in the often hectic run-up to Christmas, the MAKING CHRISTMAS BLOG HOP HOSTS will be posting each week with either a Brainstorming Holiday Themed Post or a Tute for GIFTS, HOME DEC or CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS and every week you can link up with your updated list and your makes from the past week.

October 19th - REBECCA Making Rebecca Lynne

October 26th - KRISTY Quiet Play

November 2nd - M-R Quilt Matters

November 9th - SOMA Whims and Fancies

November 16th - FIONA Celtic Thistle Stitches - that's me!

November 23rd - NAT Made in Home

November 30th - ERIN Missy Mac Creations

December 2nd - LUCY Charm About You

December 14th - SUSAN The Bored Zombie

December 21st - To be confirmed

So  not only will there be lots of cheerleading and support but great gift and decoration ideas too, what more could you want ? Well, how about a prize thrown in for good measure!

January 11th 2014 - A winner will be randomly selected from the link ups for a small prize.

Janine will be adding all the tutorials and makes to a Pinterest Board too, so you will have a one-stop shop for all of the great projects that will be coming your way. 

When we lived in Latvia, I fondly imagined that when I was back in the UK I would have so much time and access to all of the resources I needed, that I could have a nearly handmade Christmas. Well, last year was our first Christmas living back in the UK and it didn't quite work out like that :) So this year I am scaling down my ambitions in the hope that I can achieve everything that I set out to do. So here's the list of projects that I would like to complete for Christmas.

  • A Christmas Table Runner for our new dining table
  • Two Pleated Pouches to fill with make-up/nail polishes for my daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law to be
  • Two Liberty and linen jewellery rolls for my sisters-in-law
  • A Knotwork Christmas cushion - for me!
  • A Fairytale Cushion for my grandniece using one of Quiet Play's Happily Ever After paper-pieced patterns
  • Homemade chutney for my brother and son
  • More dishwasher vodka!
So that doesn't look too onerous does it :) ???

Now it's your turn, to join in the fun, write up your Christmas (or Halloween or Thanksgiving) makes list and link it up here 

Check out the other links and leave an encouraging comment along the way too.

I shall look forward to seeing what projects you have planned for the Holiday Season.

Speaking of holidays, don't forget to check back tomorrow for the announcement of the winners of the



  1. At the rate we're going (very, very slowly: our container has been selected for a special Customs search at the port!) my sewing machine is going to arrive at about the time I need to post my Christmas parcels back to Europe ... so no handmade Christmas this year. I've done a lot of crochet gifts in recent years, so I'm out of ideas on that score, which means I'm going to have to resort to buying presents this year!! Good luck with your list - I like the sound of jewellery rolls and home-made chutney.

  2. A list? I want to join in ! You know me, I love a good list. I can't though, doctor's orders :0(

  3. I love a list and I love Christmas!
    I've just been jotting down all the things I want to get done for then and think I may need to give up blogging and blog reading to every get through it or maybe I just need some of your dishwasher vodka!!!

  4. Wonderful list, Fiona and a great variety. I've just checked out your dishwasher vodka!

  5. You can totally do that! Looking forward to seeing the results!

  6. Great list! I'm so glad you've included something just for you in there ;)

  7. Noooooooo, not the 'C' word, I can't, I won't, waaaaah!

  8. I love your list, such a nice variety of projects! I am looking forward to seeing them. I may have to give your dishwasher vodka a try :)

  9. I'm still catching up with the summer to-do list!! But I'll be following the Pinterest board !

  10. That is some list! Those paper pieced patterns are awesome and a cushion is a great idea!

  11. That's a great list. Look forward to seeing the Christmas cushion - and yes, I had to check out the dishwasher vodka tutorial too - seeing is believing!!


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