Saturday 5 October 2013

Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition - Voting now open!

Well, they travelled, they photographed, they planned, stitched, blogged or Flickr'ed and then entered and what fabulous entries they were but now it is your turn.

Entries to the Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition are now closed, which means that it is time to vote for your favourite. So here's the lowdown on voting;

  • Vote by clicking on the heart in the top right hand corner of your favourite. 
  • Each IP address has only one vote per category so spend it wisely :)
  • All of the entries have been anonymised to make the process as fair as possible too
  • Voting will close at 23.59GMT on Friday, October 11th
  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 15th

In the meantime, the expert judges will be scrutinising all of the entries to bestow their Best in Show awards. Here's a quick reminder of why they are going to be such great scrutineers :)

  •  Kristy at My Photo is well known to many of you as the paper-piecing pattern supremo of such diverse lines as Retro Kitchenware and LEGO Star Wars characters

  • Cindy at Tops to Treasures is a longarm quilter par excellence and a Moda Bakeshop designer to boot
  • Sheila at bluepatch quilter is a quilt class teacher of many years standing who describes herself as an enthusiastic quilter, but her pupils might think that is underselling herself
 I am glad it is down to them and not me, I would have a really tough time choosing!

So what are you waiting for? Let's vote!


  1. Great quits! It was fun reading about them all.

  2. lots to see here but could not work out how to place my vote so sorry no vote from me I do not do twitter.

  3. Such fabulous entries! Going to be a difficult task to judge - glad it doesn't rely entirely on me!

  4. Oh my goodness time came flying by and I didn't finish mine :( but lots of fabulous entries

  5. Great job all round ladies! North Dakota is hillier than I remember though. Can't remember anyone wanting to go there on holiday either tee hee :oD


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