Monday, 7 October 2013

Nearly but not quite - Q3 FAL report

Tonight is the deadline for Q3 of the FAL

she can quilt
I have purposefully kept from posting on my progress in the hope that I could get another of my four projects finished in time but sadly I am still doing this!

HST quilt quilting

So this HST BOM quilt is one project that will be carried forward (again!) for Q4 :(

HST BOM Quilt top

I might even get this finished in time for the snow this winter!

On the bright side though, the well-travelled cross stitch tea towel has finally been finished.

Work in progress

Several hours travelling from the UK to France, then France to Ireland and Ireland to the UK were enough to get this done.

So here's the rest of my Q3 report.

The Paris Cafe embroidery became this.

Completed Cafe Cushion

Blogged here

And finally although all of the blocks for the Craftsy BOM quilt are now completed, sadly that is all the progress that has been made :( So they still look like this.

Craftsy Catch up

2 out of 4 isn't very impressive I know, especially as they were the smallest two of the four projects, but I am taking comfort from the fact that a 50% success rate is better than I have managed in either of the two previous quarters :)

Hope you are enjoying a more productive time than I am.

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  1. Two beautiful finishes! And some nice projects for the Q4 list.

  2. What's the rush? You're doing this because you enjoy it, right? So the longer it takes the better.

  3. Woo hoo for 50%! A finish is a finish. Pretty projects; I especially love your cross stitch :)

  4. My 50% equalled one finish - so you finished twice as much as me!!

  5. Your finishes are delightful. And my finishes always take longer than anticipated. Carry on my dear do not be discouraged, the others will soon follow. I applaud you!!! Still working on my Craftsy BOM. I went on vacation and now having trouble getting back at it. Janita

  6. love the quilt for winter, have heard on the weather this morning that wintry showers are on the way, think Scotland will be seeing snow soon! you have shared some lovely things with us today. Love what I can see of the craftsy BOM colour very eye catching.

  7. Well done of two finishes, your tea towel is beautiful.

  8. Two finishes? That's double mine! Don't think I've seen your cross stitch tea towel before - beautiful x

  9. Any finish is worth whooping it up! I have a list (have been involved in a WIP Challenge for the 3rd year with a particular group and there are way too many quilts still on it from 3 years ago! Maybe when I retire! Any ways I love your tea towel and pillow!

  10. So the good news is that you have plenty of choice as to what goes on the next list!

  11. Well you need to keep some for next year anyway ;o)


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