Thursday, 5 December 2013

Here be dragons!

Last week we took ourselves off to the wilds of Northumberland for a spot of lunch.

It was a glorious day and there was a walled garden next to the cafe, so after lunch we had a wander.

Winter Lichen

The garden had a number of old apple trees, many of which were festooned for the season in nature's own winter decoration.

Walled Garden Meldon

There has been a bumper crop of berries around here this year, which according to folklore means that a hard winter is on the way! Do the trees know something we don't and, if so, how???

Berries are one thing to find in a walled garden, but even in the wilds of Northumberland I certainly was surprised to come across this sign!

Dragon Sign

The signpost was facing in the same direction as the children's play area, which certainly doesn't seem like a good idea to me :) Dragons, in European mythology at least, are generally fire-breathing, cave dwelling, bad news for human creatures as far as I can tell, so sending your children in their general direction seems a bit careless.

It sounds like a great threat though if your children were misbehaving :)

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  1. funny! Any signs pointing towards a dragon would definitely attract my boys :-)

  2. I've got one I'd happily send there right now hehe! Festooned is such a good word! Lovely photos :)

  3. Id like to see those dragons.....from a distance mind you.

  4. My boss cheerfully told me the other day that it's going to be the worst winter since 1940-something, those berries may be onto something!

    As for the dragon, seems like a perfect place to send kids to me ;o)

  5. Didn't you go and look at the dragon? Please go back and take a photo this time xxx

  6. I'm up for a dragon hunt! I'll be looking at the Smaug this weekend, can't wait.


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