Saturday, 21 December 2013

Guiding light for Santa

I'm guest posting at today Lily's Quilts head on over there to find out how to make this lampshade.

It is just the thing to guide Santa and his reindeer to your door :)

The post is part of Lynne's series

Every month Lynne runs a competition to win £20 worth of supplies from Abakhan Fabrics for their Projects on a Budget series. Readers of Lynne's blog pitch their idea for a craft item made with Abakhan supplies and Lynne then selects her favourite to be made and written up as a guest blog post on Lily's Quilts. Naturally the theme for this month was Christmas and my idea of a guiding light for Santa and his reindeer was one of the projects picked! 

Thanks Lynne and Abakhan one more Christmas project done and dusted :) 

Hope you are rattling off those last minute projects too! 

By Stephanie Lynn


  1. Fabulous post and tutorial - it looks amazing and the felt appliqués are so neat!

  2. it is gorgeous. Have a very Happy Christmas Fiona xx

  3. Fun lamp shade and idea !!! Merry Christmas!

  4. This is such a lovely design. THank you for sharing.

  5. Morning!

    I got your note. Thanks so much!

    I had a problem with email replies and Spam, so I turn off that element. I assume that is what you meant. I confess to not being very computer savvy, but a friend recommended I do that.

    Hope you have a Veryr Merry Christmas!



  6. Thanks, yes it does make sense. I also had to disable my email. I had someone try to hack my blog that way. Long story, but it just seemed to make the best sense to disable it. It is a bit of a hassle, but I had some advice from friends who thought it best to do that.




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