Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Lists again!

I was too busy making this

Gingerbread Man cupcake

Santa Cupcake

and this

Snowman cupcake

and then eating them, to put together a post at the weekend updating my list for


So, I am only just getting around to it now. 

There was a lot of baking and not very much sewing going on in these parts recently, so my Christmas Cake is now made and safely stored away but there aren't any other finishes to be ticked off the list. 

I did get to make a start on the pyjama trousers, the fabric is all cut out and ready to sew up. Whilst I was at it I also cut out the fabric for the BBQ apron too, but sadly that is as far as that has got too. The pyjama trousers need to be finished for Sunday as that is our youngest son's birthday and I would like to give him them as a birthday present. I am thinking that as well as making the pyjama trousers, I might have a go at appliqueing an appropriate motif to a plain t-shirt for a pyjama top. 

Last year I found this moose cutter in a wonderful shop nearby, Re-found Objects, it has the most quirky products imaginable. I can always guarantee finding something that will take my fancy. 

So, I am toying with the idea of using this as a template for the applique, needless to say it will depend entirely on whether I can find the time before Sunday :)

I have searched through all of my recipes and recipe books and cannot find anything suitable for the biscuits I wanted to make for my brother. I will not see him before Christmas so will have to make them long enough in advance to send, but all the recipes I have only have a shelf life of up to a week, so I am going to scrap them from the list and think of something else to go with the relish and chutney instead. All suggestions welcome :)

So, here's how the list looks now.

  • A Christmas Table Runner for our new dining table MADE
  • Two Pleated Pouches to fill with make-up/nail polishes for my daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law to be
  • Two One Liberty and linen jewellery roll for my sister-in-law
  • One Triple Zip pouch for my sister-in-law MADE
  • A Knotwork Christmas cushion - for me!
  • A Fairytale Cushion for my grandniece using one of Quiet Play's Happily Ever After paper-pieced patterns
  • Homemade chutney for my brother and son MADE
  • Homemade relish for my brother MADE
  • More dishwasher vodka!
  • Biscuits for cheese for my brother SCRAPPED!
  • Something to go with cheese! 
  • Meat rub, BBQ apron and oven glove for my b-in-law - apron cut out ready to sew!
  • Pyjama trousers for my youngest son - cut out ready to sew!
  • Appliqued pyjama top for youngest son
 If you have classmate gifts to make this year, you will definitely want to check out Erin's post for Making Christmas, her Lollipop Nose Critters are adorable!

Hope you are making more progress than I am :)

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  1. Those cakes look adorable and I am so jealous that you are near the RE shop!! I lust after their milk glass and pressed glass!!
    What about a lump of cheese?!? Sorry, not very helpful am I!

  2. Wow Fiona you got a long list, but it looks like you are conquering! Good luck finishing the pajama trousers for your son. The idea for the applique is fantastic that cookie cutter is very cute.

  3. I need more time before Christmas. I'm never going to be done.

  4. Cute cupcakes! You could always send your brother cookie mix in a pretty bag, so he just has to add the wet ingredients

  5. Great Christmas baking. My poor Making Christmas list has sat untouched for weeks on end, although this week I have finally found the time to start in on the Christmas making and baking.

  6. Your baking adventure looks yummy :-)

  7. Those cakes looked very yummy! Hope you get all your goodies finished in time.

  8. What ahhhhdorable cupcakes! Almost too cute to eat :)

  9. So cute! Good luck with your sewing list too.

  10. What about spicing up a small bottle of Port and dressing the bottle up with a festive make?

    Love your cupcakes and well done on getting your Christmas cake all done too. The moose cutter is so adorable xx

    1. Now Port he would like Linda, I think I will look into that!

  11. Beautiful and delicious! But you've eaten them already! You'll have to make some more :D

  12. I'm just not feeling Christmassy yet, but your cakes are helping!!!!

  13. Lovely, looks too good to eat.


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