Thursday, 15 August 2013

Slow Blogger Link Party

Welcome to the Slow Blogger Link Party for August, a place to celebrate the slower pace of life in the blogosphere.

Knotted Cotton 

I'm Fiona, welcome to my blog if you haven't stopped here before, feel free to have a look around and get to know me a bit better.  

As many of you know the Slow Bloggers Link Party is the brainchild of Catherine, at Knotted Cotton who declared in the Slow Bloggers Manifesto that amongst other things;

 " With membership you are declaring your intention not to sweat about the blogging when other things take over, or to feel apologetic if you have only made one thing in a month"

So, whether your month has been spent like mine, mostly watching the flowers grow

with a little bit of sewing thrown in

Circle of Geese block
or you have whipped up quilts right, left and centre.

Link up your posts below to celebrate the achievement of hanging on in there for another month :)


  1. What a fun Linky party!! I am on board with it!!

  2. Does posting once in the past 3½ months simply because I havn't done much qualify ;)

  3. Sounds like the perfect thing for me to belong to! Life is busy at the moment and I happy to say that blogging is the first thing to take a back seat whilst I get on with family/work/house. Great idea to celebrate our reality of slow!

  4. Thanks for the Linky party! I've been busy and slow with sewing this summer, depending on whether the kids are at camp or at home:)

  5. Ha ha I have definitely spent my share of time watching flowers grow this pst month. Have done some needlework too... I'll see if I can manage to get it posted in time to join the party. Finding the time to take photos and post is also a challenge for me!

  6. Hmm, I feel I'll be declared a fraud if I link up ;o)

  7. I've had the slowest month ever! I'll link up something :)

  8. I have a really slow quilt uploaded here today. It will be a loooong time before I get 17000 hexies on this one.

  9. I feel so much better after reading this! I've had a very slow blogging and crafting month as I've been away visiting family for the last three weeks. Now that I'm back I'm planning to get started again.

    1. Everyone needs a little down time Elizabeth, visiting family is always going to come before blogging :)

  10. Slow blogging: where blogging comes second and enjoying life comes first :)

  11. So glad you are hosting this month. We all have our slow months from time to time and Catherine had such a brilliant idea coming up with the Slow Bloggers Linky Party and Manifiesto.

  12. Hahaha great idea. If I was a blogger I'd be a slow one! My reluctance to begin blogging is fuelled by my thinking that three young kids and working four days a week as a teacher would mean I don't have time to sew or blog. One day ...


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