Wednesday, 21 August 2013

September already?

Thankfully it is not yet September otherwise I would have missed my birthday entirely, but as far as the SMQ Bee is concerned August has been skipped over and we have dived straight into September.

Both of the Queen Bee's for August went AWOL so there was a deathly silence when the request for their block preference was made. So instead of August blocks I am now ahead of the game (in my mind anyway!) with the first of the Bee blocks for September done and dusted.

SMQ September block 1

Jennifer asked for 25 blue blocks for the Up,up and away quilt from the book. This was the same block that I asked my Bee mates for back in May, so it was fun to have a go at them again in a different colourway. The blocks went together in such quick time that I was encouraged to keep on making them to add to my own pile.

In May I asked the Bees to send two strips of 10 2.5" white squares with a triangle in the corner, and all but three of them have come through so far, so with an extra strip sent by a Bee member I had 270 blocks. The quilt needs 589 blocks! You can see why I asked for strips, I can only admire Jennifer's fortitude in asking for the blocks to be sent individually!

Bee blocks received

Here are my 270 blocks in all of their glory.

The strips for the quilt are set diagonally so I have made a start on the first diagonal rows, 279 blocks down only another 311 to go :)

The instructions in the book call for triangles cut from 2.5" binding strips for the corner triangles but I haven't bound enough quilts to have that many triangles on hand so have been saving triangles wherever I can.

Fabric triangles

I am hoping that this bag of triangles will get me most of the way there.

So with another Bee block down and a start on my own Bee quilt here is how my WIP list is looking now

  • In Color Order HST BOM - quilting started!
  • Sunday Morning Quilt Bee blocks received, 2 more to be added by me
  • Sunday Morning Quilt2 Bee 279 blocks made, 311 to go!
  • Sunday Morning Quilt2 Bee blocks sent (ahead of schedule)
  • Star of Africa Bee blocks completed and sent (only 1 month behind schedule!)
  • Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee Q2 - no progress yet
  •  And Sew On BOM - eight blocks completed (On Schedule!)
  • Paris Cushion - no progress
  • (Almost) Irish Chain quilt basted  
  • 5 blocks of NY Beauty QAL completed and fabric cut for remaining 5 blocks 
  • 20 blocks of Craftsy BOM completed
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  1. Your bee block for Jennifer turned out great. I love the blues (that reminds me I have to work on mine too.
    Your quilt is going to be amazing and you are almost halfway there. (I'm cheering for your) You can do it!

  2. they both look great. i keep long thin scraps for weaving / rug making (well i might one day) but usually chuck those binding triangles, do you want me to keep them for you until this is done?

  3. Looks fab! I have some triangle scraps I am not going to use if you want them.

  4. Love that block .......looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Thanks for sharing. Marie

  5. Oh I am exhausted reading that!

  6. 589 blocks? FFS! Looking forward to seeing what your stripping turns into... ;o)

  7. I think I have a few triangles left from different things if you would like them? More than happy to get rid of some of my scrap box! I love the block in blues as well, but yes, it will be quite a task to sew them all together! I'm very impressed by your to do list too! :)

  8. I'm saving up my triangles now too.

  9. I love your bee blocks!! The triangles are so fun and the blues are gorgeous!!

  10. OH MY how many!!!! Good luck, can't wait to see it finished1


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