Friday, 6 January 2017

Droolworthy Finish!

Happy New Year to one and all.

We have had a lovely time surrounded by family over the last couple of weeks so time at the sewing machine has been in short supply.

The whole family have enjoyed listening to the babble of the newest member of the family. However, when my daughter-in-law told me that thanks to all that babbling our gorgeous new grandson was in need of a new drool bib, well I had to oblige :)

I looked online for a pattern but they all seemed much smaller than the ones he was already using, so I borrowed one of them and drafted a pattern of my own.

I had a pack of teatowels that were not being used so cut up one of them for the front, on the basis that it would be good at absorbing the dribbles :)

Some leftover fleece from a quilt back to keep things soft against those chubby little cheeks!

A couple of plastic snaps to close and we were all sorted.

My first finish of 2017, how fitting that it is for the gorgeous little man in my life!

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  1. Drool bib - my favourite colour.
    I too did the same thing - used one of my daughter's drool bibs to make more for her little guy.

  2. great idea. When my daughter , now 26, was tiny I made her a couple of Beatrix Potter bibs, but was too precious to use them. How daft was that?

  3. good idea much nicer than the ones in the shops happy new year

  4. First finish - great job Fiona. I just got myself a Kam set, am now busy adding snaps to everything that isn't nailed down!

  5. A nice, quick finish to start the year off right! And what could be better than making for a baby?

  6. Anything for the new little man in your life. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it, Fiona.

  7. Very cute and a such useful present!


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