Sunday, 8 January 2017

Up for the challenge?

If like me, your New Year resolutions are looking a bit shaky already, how about taking up a short, sharp challenge to get that motivation going? Last year, Jen, issued her 100 Day Challenge where we were invited to set three goals to be completed in 100 days. I managed to meet one of the three goals that I set for myself and actually finished the other two projects not long after the challenge ended, so when I read that Jen was going to run the challenge again this year, I was definitely ready to be counted in :)

I have so many WIP's and hoped for new projects in my sewing room that it has been difficult to decide which to focus on for the challenge. However, I have decided to narrow it down to these three in the hope that finishing them will  also motivate me to finish some of the other projects waiting to be dusted down and worked on.

  •  I really want to use this challenge to try and get to grips with this fearsome beast! I have lots of lovely knit fabric, some great Brindille and Twig patterns and a handsome little fellow who is growing out of his clothes at a rate of knots, so there is plenty of motivation to get started. By the end of the 100 days I would like to have made at least one full set of clothes for the little fellow. 

  • A few months ago I volunteered to make a small Boutis piece for my EG group. I bought the book, then found the recommended Batiste fabric on our last trip to France but I struggled to find the cotton stuffing either locally or online. On a recent, unsuccessful, shopping trip to source bedroom furniture I came across a nearby wool shop selling cotton yarn that looks like it might fit the bill. So, armed with the supplies I no longer have an excuse for putting off trying this any longer :)

  • These blocks, and some added since this photo was taken, are from the Craftsy BOM of 2012! I need to add sashing, which I have the fabric for, and then work out how to quilt it. I doubt very much if I will get the quilting completed for the challenge, I am an arch procrastinator when it comes to basting quilts, but I would like it, at least, to become a completed quilt top!
So, these are my challenges to myself for the 100 Day Challenge. wish me luck :)

If you think that 100 days to challenge yourself sounds like a great idea, check out Jen's post here and find out how easy it is to join in the fun. 


  1. wow have fun learning the overlocker ! and I love that you still have your craftsy BOM as blocks - so do I - I pulled it out of a box the other day !!

  2. 3 good challenges here, have an overlocker but never use it these days as I no longer make clothes. Botis work have not tried so will be interesting to see how you get on eith it. Quilt blocks look good, layering up is a pain but I am pleased to say got 2 done over the last few days and today will start quilting one

  3. I hope that you and your overlocker become good friends. I bought one early last year and now wonder how I lived without it. I look forward to seeing what you make and good luck with the other goals.

  4. I won't tell you how long I've had my now 'not so new' overlocker, Fiona. It's a fancy schmancy one that I haven't taken the time to learn, so I'm still using my 20+ year old one. I have no doubts you won't procrastinate like I have. Basting is also the stage that halts me in the quilt making process. Good luck with your goals. I didn't make any goals this year, so none to break.

  5. Boutis! Oh, I can't wait to see how that turns out. I'm so intrigued! Welcome to the challenge and good luck!

  6. Oh I remember you doing the 100 day challenge last year - congrats on getting the projects finished, even if it took a wee bit more time :D Good luck with this year's challenges - I'm really looking forward to seeing what you get up to with the serger - baby clothes would be such a fun project - and one that's very close to home and heart :)

    I've done accidental Boutis when I've had a block or other item from my sewing table, end up between layers I'm working on. I'm the Accidental Boutisist! ;)

  7. Just discovered your blog! May I recommend this video on the Threads Magazine website, featuring Marie Yolande, who is an expert in boutis? I was fortunate enough to take a class with her. She was featured in Threads Magazine and also Inspirations Magazine (Australian). Boutis is surprisingly easy and extremely rewarding, easily the most beautiful whole cloth technique I have ever seen. Best of luck!

  8. I've never heard of boutis, but it looks beautiful. I'll look forward to seeing your make :) Good luck with all of your goals!


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