Thursday, 5 November 2015

Spicing it up!

When my daughter-in-law was here recently we treated ourselves to a cookery demonstration with lunch at The Secret Ingredient 

I had attended one of Judy's demonstrations last year with a friend so knew to expect a very slick demonstration and a delicious lunch, and we were not disappointed! The theme of the demonstration was All Things Spice, so we were both looking forward to seeing some New to Us spices in action to add to our current recipe repertoire.

As a pescetarian my d-i-l was particularly keen to see and taste the Creole Fish Stew and it was delicious. It tastes as good as it looks!

Indeed, all of the dishes that were demonstrated that day were so tasty that we both decided to cook them all ourselves for our husbands and in-laws that weekend :)

So, although it took us a lot longer than the 90 minutes that Judy and Christine demonstrated the dishes in, as well as the Creole Fish Stew we managed to produce

a hearty Moroccan spicy chickpea soup.

I got to use a definitely New to Me ingredient in the Smoky Chicken Mole with green rice

as well as finding another use for some of those nigella seeds that have been lurking at the back of my spice cupboard.

Naan breads, handmade in minutes (who knew?) and butternut squash in sweet tamarind masala completed the savoury part of the meal.

We still found room for a slice of the Cardamom, Pistachio and Rose Petal cake accompanied by some fresh pineapple with red chilli and mascarpone though :)

It was a brilliant day out and even better to find that the recipes all worked just as well at home for us as they had in the demonstration.

Next week I am going back with a friend to the "Getting ahead for Christmas" demo, so I am looking forward to adding a whole new host of recipes to my arsenal!

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  1. What fun! Would love to share such an experience with my adult grand-daughter, but there is nothing comparable offered here on the Oklahoma/Arkansas border. I am definitely searching the internet for a recipe for Creole Fish Stew.

  2. Am I the only one that had to look up pescetarian? :D Hubby dislikes quite a few spices, and I'm spicely challenged anyways, so my cooking tends to be somewhat bland. I could use a class like that one to help me discover some new flavours :D I've never had mole sauce, and I don't even know what nigella seeds are - maybe something named after the wonderful *actual* Nigella??!! :D

  3. That sounds like a good demonstration and it cheers me to see the word 'pescetarian'. I'm a vegetarian and I get fed up (no pun intended!) of people asking 'Do you eat fish?' I'll look forward to your 'Getting Ahead for Christmas' :)

  4. All that sounds delicious, how great to be able to share that experience with your dil.


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