Thursday, 12 November 2015

Once a piecer, always a piecer!

On our recent trips to Wales for the Rugby World Cup games I discovered that even in the middle of a horde of rugby fans there is always something patchwork related to be found :)

Aren't these patchwork tweed caps great?

There were a couple of stalls selling gorgeous Donegal tweeds at the Festival of Quilts show, I was wishing that I had bought some of it when I saw those caps!

Just outside Cardiff Central station I came across this painted building. Naturally I spent a while standing looking at it wondering if it would be possible to piece :)

Clearly I am obsessed!

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  1. That would be brilliant to piece and I like the colour combo too - not my usual colours but I really like the dark in there popping the brighter ones.

  2. Those are some great quilt inspirations :)

  3. There is inspiration everywhere for sure - love that building.

  4. The hats are good but the building is fab!

  5. I think there would be a few inset seams but it would certainly make a lovely quilt, LOL!

  6. That building would make an amazing quilt! The hats are pretty great too :)

  7. I bet you could do it, Fiona. That pattern on the building would make a gorgeous quilt.

  8. Great finds! I once gave a friend a cap like that as a present. It was made beautifully.


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