Friday, 6 November 2015

Family finishes

A while ago Leanne, who blogs at Devoted Quilter asked for pattern testers to test her forthcoming Friendship Galaxy pattern. Having previously tested a pattern for Leanne before, I was more than happy to volunteer.

Leanne's pattern is for a baby quilt measuring 45" x 45" and when I volunteered that is what I planned to make. Needless to say life got in the way a bit with late holidays and unexpected guests, so the original plans were scaled back. Fortunately for me, as well as providing the instructions for the baby quilt, Leanne also provided instructions for two smaller quilts so that is what I eventually came up with.

At 29.5" x 11.5" my Winter Stars mini quilt is destined to become a gift to my son and d-i-l as a Christmas Table Runner.

The fabrics are all from the Holly's Tree Farm range by Sweetwater, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it in my LQS, and needless to say bought enough to make at least one more Table Runner for myself :)

As well as providing instructions for four different versions of the Friendship Galaxy quilt, Leanne also provides a colouring page to help you work out fabric placement, which is a really welcome addition to any pattern I think.

You can find more details about how to get a hold of the pattern here as well as see how the other pattern testers tackled the pattern too.

I am not the only one in the family to have a sewing finish to report though!

A while ago my d-i-l mentioned that she would like to try her hand at sewing, well you can imagine how delighted I was to hear that :)  Armed with fabrics from my stash she took to it like a pro and has since made lots of new clothes for herself and others (including me!) like this lovely sundress.

As if the dressmaking skills weren't enough to cause a twinge of envy, her latest venture ramps that up significantly - her very own Etsy Store selling her own design purses!

Aren't they lovely, the button bow closures are inspired! Check out Pesky Designs for the rest of the range and send some sewing sisterhood love her way. I am so proud of what she has achieved. The early birthday present sewing machine is definitely getting well-used :)


  1. a great Christmas runner, good to read your DIL has got the swing bug, loving the purses I wish her all the best with her etsy shop, such a good present a sewing machine and certainly she has out it to good use, off to check out her link now

  2. Your table runner looks great and the fabrics are lovely. And congrats to your d-i-l. It must be nice to have a kindred sewing spirit in family :)

  3. Oh wow - what an amazing inspiration you have been to your DiL :-) Love your table runner too - that is a fantastic design :-)

  4. Wow! You daughter-in-law has some serious skills! Good for her. And thanks again for testing for me. I love what you did with the pattern :)

  5. Fantastic - love that dress and all the best to her with her Etsy shop!

  6. That's a beautiful tablerunner - I love Friendship Star blocks :)

    WOW you must be an awesome teacher - it would appear that your DIL has a real talent - good luck to her in her Etsy shop! You must be proud as punch - I hope I get a DIL one day that loves to craft and create!

  7. Well done you for inspiring and encouraging her!

  8. Your tablerunner turned out lovely. And I wish your DIL the best of luck with her etsy shop. Good for her for putting her design out there!

  9. Great job on your runner. So exciting that your DIL is sewing! Always awesome to see a new convert! :)

  10. How wonderful that you now have a family member who sews and well done on introducing her to the craft. The sun dress is lovely, as are her purses.

  11. Oh, how I wish our three girls would catch the sewing bug! It must be a great surprise to have someone sewing for you! Since our girls ask about my quilting and sewing often, I imagine that having someone else to "talk shop" must be wonderful.
    Your runner is lovely. If it's small enough, it could be used on a coffee table or side table. Great idea for a gift! Those little purses are inspired. I'm going to check out her shop, also. Thanks for the link!


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