Friday 13 November 2015

My (virtual) neighbourhood

Many moons ago I joined the Star of Africa Bee and found myself being challenged every month to come up with blocks like this

Rennie Mackintosh Rose block

and this

Applique Pheasant block

My creative muscles were really stretched! The time limits were too (for everyone) so it was only a couple of months ago that I received what I am assuming will be the last blocks for me from this Bee.

SoA Bee blocks all

So, they hung about in my sewing room whilst I decided what to do with them. I knew from the outset that the final quilt would end up in France, but whether as a wallhanging or a throw I hadn't decided.

Then I went to the Festival of Quilts and these fabrics leaped off of the shelves and into my basket :)

A plan was formed!

SoA top complete

and here is the result. The sashing is Kona Jade Green, the borders are Jolly Farm Trees by Makower and the corners are paper-pieced patterns by Kristy at Quiet Play

My Bee mates did a wonderful job with their blocks, I am delighted with how this quilt top has turned out and I hope that they are too.

The backing fabric for the quilt has been waiting patiently in my stash for the top to be completed, it is the result of another virtual friendship as I bought it from my fellow blogger Karen , who occasionally sells vintage fabric finds. I knew as soon as she listed this fabric that it would be perfect for the back of my SoA quilt so I snapped it all up :)

I am now psyching myself up to the hated task of crawling over the kitchen floor on my hands and knees to get this basted. Ideally I would like to have this finished before my son and daughter-in-law come back for a visit in a couple of weeks so I need to get that basting done sooner rather than later.

As well as being a testament to the creative diversity of Quilting Bees it is also a great reminder of the friendships that can be forged through those same Bees. Although I did not receive all of the Blocks that I was scheduled to from the Bee, those that I did were from ladies that I am delighted to call friends, who have enriched my virtual life in so many ways.

Thanks BentaIrene, Janine, Jen, May, Nicky, Patti and Veena

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  1. What a difference the sashing and border make - ties those beautiful houses in perfectly.

  2. Fiona, your rose and pheasant blocks are beautiful! I love being in bees as they can be so challenging and make my brain work! Love your backing fabric for your house quilt too. It's going to be fab :)

  3. So wonderful Fiona. They are gorgeous blocks, and how precious to have friendships that go with them :-)

  4. love love love the pheasant you really have caught his movement to a tee. quilt looking good, I was lucky to meet up with Benta at FOQ last year shame you did not get all the blocks but the ones you have all look so good together

  5. I love all the different houses. And they are beautifully combined!

  6. Very nice! Perfect sashing and border fabrics for those blocks! Good luck!

  7. A beautiful quilt. I love the fabrics you've used to finish it off. I'm sorry you didn't get all your blocks but those you did get are great xx

  8. Congrats on this beautiful finish! Your quilt looks really lovely :)

  9. That quilt is gorgeous - very serendipitous that those fabrics jumped into your basket and work so well - gotta love it when a plan comes together, lol! Sad though that some of the ladies weren't able to follow through on their commitment - that happened to me a few times over the years with different swaps - annoying, but life is too short to stew about something I can't control :) I don't do swaps any more, but that's more because postage rate are so out of control!

  10. Oh Fiona, it looks fab! I love the blocks, but also the sashing going out into the border - a great effect!

  11. I love the backing fabric you have chosen too - this will be a very special finish! Beautiful blocks!

  12. Your quilt with the bee blocks turned out great! You found the perfect fabrics to use with them.


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