Thursday 23 May 2013

Food, flags and folding

When our youngest son was very small we took him on holiday to a small fishing village on the East Coast of Scotland. We were told that it was possible to buy live lobsters from a small stall at the harbour, which would then be cooked and ready for collection later. Naturally we were not going to pass up the opportunity to tuck into freshly cooked lobster so off we headed to the Lobster Shack to pick our lobster.

Whilst his brothers were happily deciding which lobster to pick, our youngest was a bit hesitant but we didn't think much of it at the time. It was only when we went back to pick up the cooked lobster and he refused to hold his father's hand that we discovered that in his words he "didn't like food that moves!" 

Twenty plus years later we were at the same Lobster Shack and he is still being teased about not liking food that moves! It looks like he will never grow out of that joke in the family anyway :)

On the same trip we came across this flagpole where apparently the houseowner changes the flag every day to reflect some national event happening on that date.

After risking life and limb clambering up the bank to try and read the sign on the flagpole we discovered later that the gate at the front of the house had a notice telling you which flag was flying that day.  Why didn't we think of that first? This one is Hawaii I think.

Did you know you could make an elephant just by folding two towels? Well you can and here is the proof.

I think they were there to distract from the fact that the hotel decor was very definitely on the shabby side of shabby chic!

So which family jokes have lasted the longest in your family?

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  1. Ooh, that towel is sheer class. Your poor son. In my family it's probably my brother getting really irate at the age of three on being told the name of his new baby sister because he thought her name was "Roof".

  2. Ha ha that towel is bonkers! I remember my eldest daughter at about 3 expressing surprise when her Dad stepped out of the shower - "Daddy has a sausage on his bottom!". I shan't be reminding her of that though ...

  3. When I was small we used to go to my aunt & uncle's for Sunday lunch regularly and I was a big fan of the roast and would stand up in my high chair and shout 'more meaties'. Almost 40 years on I can hardly remember a meal eaten with my aunt, uncle or cousins without someone asking me if I want 'more meaties'!

  4. When we were children we used to go to stay in a community in France each year..... you all queued up together to get your food each meal time, and when we were small ours and our parents food would be put on the same trays as we couldn't carry them.... the food was basic and not always great.... and apparently when we got to the table to eat and there was one nice and one ropey apple on the tray, I said "look at your mouldy apple". This has stuck as our family joke and motto, that whenever there is one good thing and one inferior thing, someone will say "look at your mouldy apple", and blame me for trying to take the good stuff!!!!!

  5. I can understand not wanting to eat a moving lobster! And I Love your elephant!

  6. Oh god, our family is notorious for hanging onto the 'cute' things my father's generation said, him in particular, probably because he was the baby by 9 years, so we still get 'ounced and inched' in our family, among a ton of other things o.O


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