Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blocks of Iron

I am getting way behind on Bee and BOM blocks so as the end of yet another month approaches it was time to try and catch up. The emphasis is on the word try :)

Fortunately I am due to receive blocks this month in the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee, so I only had one block to make for this one. The request from Jenniffier, my fellow May Bee recipient was for a block for the High Five quilt in the Sunday Morning Quilts Book. Jenniffier intends to hand over the quilt from the Bee blocks to a little boy who has been very ill, so I really needed to get this block off to her sooner rather than later.


We were asked to either make a block with 16 5"x5" blocks or one with 12 5"x5" blocks and one 9.5"x9.5" block. As you can see I went for the latter. I was so pleased too to use as the centre of the large block, one of the blocks I received before Christmas as part of Quiet Play's Say Cheese Polaroid Block Swap! I knew it was worth hanging on to the extra blocks after I had made the Doll Quilt for my niece.

And speaking of Quiet Play, I still hadn't tackled this month's block in Kristy's And Sew On BOM, so that was next on the list. I am already one block behind on the BOM, so I really didn't want to go 2 behind or I might never catch up.

This month we are tackling an iron and ironing board for the Keep Calm and Press On block. Kristy hosts a link up for the BOM blocks every month and having seen some of the lovely blocks already completed I was encouraged to get my act together and get mine finished. The lure of prizes in the link up might also have had something to do with this sudden burst of energy :)

Of course it wouldn't be a paper-pieced block if I didn't have some (self-inflicted!) problems. This time I managed to completely mess up the only piece in the block that didn't require any additional piecing, the triangle in the top right! I have no idea how I managed to cut out the piece in such a way that it was a wedge of fabric short at the top, but I did :) 

Fortunately it was not difficult to fix.

If you have tried paper-piecing for the first time, or anything else new this month there is still time to link up to the May 

We have had some great projects posted already this month, so if you are looking for something new to try you should definitely check them out.

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  1. I have a PP'd block outstanding from my Bee and I need to knuckle down and do it but I'm a bit scared of it! Not least because it is a pattern which I have mocked up from something I have seen on the internet so goodness knows how it is going to go together, if at all! Your PP'd iron looks great!

  2. cool!I love this PP'd!

  3. Oh your iron block looks fantastic! If it makes you feel better I just chopped the edge of a block off with the rotary cutter tonight and now have to redo it. Argh!

  4. Love your iron block, too! I think we are so happy to get a simple, uncomplicated piece, that we let our minds go, and the mistake happens! lol


  5. Great iron block, I like your flower fabrics.

  6. I know what you mean. Where did May go? Your blocks are wonderful that iron is so cute!
    By the way your blocks for the SMQ will go out in the mail today.

  7. Ah yes, the lure of prizes has spurred me on to some FAL finishes this week :oD

  8. Great job on the iron block! I'm glad that the mistake was easily fixable! It is so easy to mess up on PP blocks! I made a block the other day and managed to make a silly mistake on every step :D.

    I like how you chose the layout with the 9.5" block for Jenniffer's quilt! All the feature fabrics are so cute!

  9. Those blocks are going to look lovely in the little boy's quilt and I love the ironing board!

  10. I love it! A meta iron :-)

  11. Fiona, your blocks look amazing!

  12. Oh, cool! It's always so satisfying to me to be able to pull in elements from a former project like that polaroid block you made into the center for the one portion. :)

  13. I've given up on piecing for now, i messed up nearly every piece so it stopped being fun, yours are looking great though

  14. your block is fantastic! I'm behind... this one scares me!


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