Friday, 15 March 2013

Putting my best foot forward

As many of you know Rikka hosts regular challenges that are aimed at getting us all to move out of our comfort zones and tackle something new. I missed the first few of her challenges but managed to get my act together to join in with the last two. So I have tackled

Celtic Knotwork Applique for the Ring your Neck Scarf Challenge

and Orange Peel Blocks for the Curved Seams Challenge.

This month's challenge was to use one of the fancy feet that sit still pristine in the storage compartment of my sewing machine. Which foot to use, decisions, decisions?

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In the end I used 3 different feet to meet the Challenge, one I had used a few times before, one I have used once without any great success and one that has been lurking in the compartment for several years without ever being considered.

They were

Fancy Feet Challenge Zipper Foot
A Zipper Foot

Fancy Feet Challenge Piping Foot

A Piping Foot

Fancy Feet Challenge Teflon Foot

And a Teflon Foot, which really sounds like it should be in the kitchen!

The Teflon Foot is for sewing oilcloth and laminated fabric, amongst other things, and that is what I used it for in this challenge.

The local market in France has a stall selling a great selection of "Toile Ciree" which is mostly sold for tablecloths. Naturally I have been unable to resist buying a couple of metres of fabric and the appropriate foot for the sewing machine. Both have languished in cupboards until now, when the Fancy Feet Challenge presented the perfect opportunity to unearth and finally use them to make myself this.

Challenge Wash Bag

Oilcloth, piping and a zipper!

Although the translation of the French is oilcloth, I think in actual fact this fabric is more like a laminated cotton. It was a dream to cut, but those curved edges were a challenge as there is no give in the fabric.

The Teflon foot worked like a charm and glided over the oilcloth without any drag or hitch, so I will definitely be giving it another outing soon. I used a jeans needle in my machine as, where the handles are joined in the seams, there were 6 layers of oilcloth plus piping to sew through!

I am delighted to have finally liberated this foot from its' dusty compartment and will certainly be taking an ever keener interest in the market stall on our next visit to France!

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  1. I never knew what a teflon foot was for! Your bag looks brilliant :)

  2. Great little bag, it turned out beautifully!

  3. You never cease to amaze me, Fiona. You tackle the hardest projects and they alway turn out beautifully. I guess I need to get out of my comfort zone more often. WTG!

  4. I love your bag - what a great job. I feel inspired to get some fancy feet!

  5. That is really cute, well done! It's good to get out of your comfort zone.

  6. The bag looks great, obviously you need to go away to get some use out of it! The challenge sounds like a great idea too, I don't know what half of my feet do...

  7. well done! I have a teflon foot too... never used it! Love the cosmetic bag

  8. Well embraced! I want to try my piping foot one of these days...

  9. Fantastic bag, Fiona! I don't have a piping foot or a teflon foot, but I can see how useful they would be! What size is your pouch?

  10. Oh, I LOVE your bag, Fiona!!! It looks so professionally sewn and I love the colours. I've never sewn with oilcloth or laminated cotton, but have used the teflon foot very successfully with leather. I'd better get a move on, as I haven't started yet...

  11. Great post, I should have a look at some of my sewing feet and force myself to do something with them. I love your piping, thats something I would love to have a go at. Was it easy?

  12. Your bag looks fantastic, and the Celtic knot work scarf is really impressive!

  13. Well done on dusting off your feet!!
    I'd love a go on the piping foot, I normally use the zipper foot for that, but it's never tight enough!!

  14. Well done! I've yet to make anything with decent piping!! Just got a new machine and have been examining all the feet that came with it - now just got to learn how to use them all. Great idea for a challenge and I love the bag you made. Now I'm wondering if I can get a Teflon foot for my machine as I have a project in mind using oilcloth .... Off to investigate!

  15. Yay! Challenge met and what a lovely project you have to show for it. Congrats!

  16. Your bag is beautiful and it looks so professional! I had never heard of the Teflon foot before, but I am glad to know it exists should I ever need it!

  17. Yup, oilcloth has been a laminated cotton for decades, I think. But I think if you go back far enough there was something that had an oil treatment by the same name. Considering that I'm 71, and have never actually seen this other cloth, it had to have been way far back.

    The bag is wonderful. You did a great job on it.

  18. Wow what an array! That piping looks highly professional, it's been on my "to attempt" list for ages, but have been a bit daunted by all the talk around it...

  19. Hello, I'm visiting the participants of the chalenge, I'm delight with all the beautiful creations! Your project is just beautiful!!! I like the colors of the fabrics you've used.
    Marisa from


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