Friday, 29 March 2013

Baking and Bunnies

As if Easter wasn't a calorific weekend at the best of times, I had to watch the Great British Bake Off's Easter Masterclass didn't I? Cakes, breads and desserts galore. Our middle son loves his fruitcake so Mary Berry's Simnel Cake seemed like the perfect thing to have on hand for his visit back home.

Despite making fruit cakes at Christmas for more years than I care to remember, I have never made a Simnel cake, even although it is essentially a Christmas Cake with a layer of marzipan baked in the middle. I think that may change as it was delicious!

fruit cake with marzipan topping and eleven marzipan balls to represent the disciples minus Judas. Traditionally made for Easter

The eleven marzipan balls on top of the cake traditionally represent the apostles minus Judas. Apparently it is traditional to have the cake on the middle Sunday of Lent, but we had already missed that by the time the programme was broadcast.

The Easter Masterclass was full of tempting recipes, so the Hot Cross Buns are currently proving in the kitchen, ready to be baked for the sports fans return and the Easter Lemon Pavlova will be a new twist on another old favourite. Pavlova and chocolate mini eggs, truly a match made in heaven :)

And talking of Chocolate mini eggs, here is the proof that the Dremel Drill bit arrived in time to make a gift for my daughter-in-law.

Etched glass vase filled with mini chocolate eggs

I practised first on a glass jar, so this is technically my second attempt at glass etching. Although it was scary at first I really enjoyed my first attempts at this. I am thrilled that it is recognisably a rabbit!

You can see them better here.

I also had a go at some tulips using an applique pattern that I found in a magazine.

The bud vases were just under £1 each from a local supermarket, so not only were these quick to do, once I had the right tools, but also very cheap to do too. I am now on the lookout around the house for more glass to etch, after the Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake have been polished off of course :)

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Happy Easter!

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  1. Those vases are...AMAZING!!! You are so brave! I have a son with a dremel who simply must see this!!!!

  2. I love simnel cake .... In fact my go to unit cake recipe contains pieces of marzipan and it always goes down a treat. Haven't made a cake this year as wee thought we'd be flying out this weekend - turns out that the visas still haven't come through so I could have made a cake after all.

    The vases are beautiful. Seems like you can turn your hand to just about anything!

  3. Oh that episode of the GBBO was marvellous - I just wanted to make the hot cross buns right away but I couldn't because I was too busy getting all dreamy about Paul Hollywood! ;) Loving the glass etching, great pressies, have a fab weekend :)

  4. Oooh pavlova and chocolate eggs? Hello perfection!! Sounds like you have been very busy baking this Easter!

    Your glass etching looks fabulous!! Well done on a new skill!

  5. Lol, those bakers really sucked you in! Enjoy :oD

    Glad your drill bit got there in time

  6. Very impressive, Fiona!!! The vases are fantastic!!! And well done for doing it all yourself, even if it was a little scary.

  7. Love the etching. It adds such a classy look!

  8. Wow, your vases look great! The bunnies are so cute and the tulips are impressive! You're cake sounds yummy too! What a great day!

  9. The etching looks amazing! What Dremel bit did you buy? I need one!

  10. Wow - you had fun with some new crafts! Love the etched bunnies.

  11. the vases are lovely think a dremel is going on the christmas list :))

  12. Your vase with the etched rabbit turned out really well. It's hard to believe that it was only your second attempt at etching.

  13. Mmmmmm, that baking looks yummy!! The vase turned out really well, well done!

  14. Simnel cake sounds luscious! Pavlova, too, and chocolates? I would like to celebrate Easter there sometime!
    Your etchings are very impressive! Not only recognizable, but really charming!


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