Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Enter the stash cupboard!

Kristy's block for August in the  And Sew On BOM is a paper-pieced stash cupboard, actually it is a totally unrealistically neat and tidy stash cupboard :)

Although, as you can see, it is probably just as well that I was not attempting to paper-piece a pattern of what my stash actually looks like!

 It is also a pattern filled with tiny bits of paper-piecing! I am beginning to like tiny paper-piecing bits as even I can't scrimp on the fabric for them so my usual problems with paper-piecing and very scant seam allowances just doesn't happen, well alright maybe sometimes.

And Sew On Stash Cupboard

So here is my fantasy stash cupboard in all its glory. Only one more block to go with the BOM, I dread to think what size the pieces will be in that one :)

As you can see I had a bit of trouble keeping the seams straight when I joined the pieces together. Using the linen for the floor meant that the seams didn't iron as flat as they might have if it was all cotton, so I think I will need to be a bit tougher on this with the iron when I come to join all the blocks together.

Speaking of ironing, am I the only one who ends up with bumps of fabric where the seams of all the tiny pieces are joined? How do you get a block like this as flat as possible, I would love to know? 

So, with another BOM block completed here's how the WIP list is looking now

  • In Color Order HST BOM - quilting started!
  • Sunday Morning Quilt Bee blocks received, 2 more to be added by me
  • Sunday Morning Quilt2 Bee 13 sets of blocks received, 3 more to come
  • Sunday Morning Quilt2 Bee blocks sent (on schedule)
  • Star of Africa Bee blocks completed and sent (only 1 month behind schedule!)
  • Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee Q2 - signed up
  •  And Sew On BOM - eight blocks completed (On Schedule!)
  • Paris Cushion - fabric received
  • (Almost) Irish Chain quilt basted  
  • 5 blocks of NY Beauty QAL completed and fabric cut for remaining 5 blocks 
  • 20 blocks of Craftsy BOM completed 
I will be guest hosting the Slow Blogger link party tomorrow for Catherine at Knotted Cotton  so be sure to check back then and link up your month's projects, whether fast or slow.

Knotted Cotton
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  1. Wow you are on fire! This is the perfect block for tiny paper piecing isn't it? Love the piles of fabric. Wish my stash cupboard were that tidy!

  2. Love it! Your block looks fabulous! Don't we all long for a fabulous stash cupboard that organised and tidy?!

    As for the bumps when ironing, sometimes I think they are unavoidable! But sometimes you can kind of smooth them out if you iron some of the seams open. That's all I got! :)

  3. Wow that turned out fabulous ... I've been following this BOM and have loved seeing everyone's blocks pop up in blog-land. I don't use an iron on the FPP I've been doing. I use a Clover finger presser as I kept getting marks from my iron trying to press it flat :( ... but also it means I don't have to keep getting up from my sewing chair to iron ... lazy!

  4. You're block is looking fantastic!! I love the button print you've used for the door :)

  5. Well done! It looks great- I love the wallpaper fabric that you chose.

    I remember once reading that you could sew along the seam allowance seam with no thread in you machine (purely to perforate the paper), rip the 1/4 inch seam allowance paper off and then go back and sew properly with thread. That way you don't get the tiny bits of paper caught in huge clumps in the seams, but the remainder of your block is still anchored to prevent warping.

    Does that make any sense at all? Its hard to explain! Its not a technique that I use, but it might be worth a try of the bumps are bothering you.

  6. Wow, that block is something awesome! What a really cute design!

    Stopping by from the WIP hop

  7. What a great design, and you chose your fabrics so well. It looks amazing.

    I look forward to seeing you post at the Slow Blogger link party, tomorrow.

  8. You're getting a lot done. I like how your little stash cupboard turned out.

  9. I absolutely LOVE that block! Your work is outstanding.

  10. Very cute, love your 'wallpaper'!

    PS, can you be a slow blogger with 2 posts in 2 days? ;o)

  11. Love the cupboard, can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  12. that's gorgeous, and the "wallpaper" is a perfect choice!

  13. You did a great job on this block! I love the wallpaper and wish I had that door on my fabric cupboard!!!

  14. You made a beautiful block with your fantasy stash! I love the fabrics you chose! I think the linen also would be hard to get flat...


  15. Fabric choice is lovely - especially the wallpaper!

  16. Fantastic! I still need to tackle that one and the one from July lol!
    Well done!

  17. fab job on the block, it looks great and I love that mannequin fabric. I've got two month's worth to do, I was going to do them today but the computer sucked me in!

  18. Your fabric choice for the wallpaper.... Awesome! Great job, Fiona! I am just new to paper piecing, so you will be seeing me here more often!

  19. That pile of fabric looks like my stash! You did a great job on this one, lovely fabric choices!


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