Monday, 5 August 2013

Coming up Roses

There is a bit of catching up fever going around here at the moment it seems. This time I have been working on another Star of Africa Bee block, those ones that frazzle my brain on a regular basis :)

Although I still haven't worked out how to do the blocks requested for March and May, I do know what I want to do for them. Veena's request for June, a flower block to represent your country, had me stumped though. Then whilst downloading Kristy's Stash Cupboard block for August in the And Sew On BOM, inspiration struck!

Ages ago I had downloaded from Craftsy  a free pattern for a stained glass applique block of a rose inspired by the Glasgow Architect and Artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Well if that wasn't perfect for a girl born in Glasgow what was?

Rennie Mackintosh Rose block

I have always loved the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and have had a book of his designs for a long time with the exact intention of translating some of them into stained glass applique blocks, so there was never going to be a better opportunity to give it a go.

My version of the rose will be soon be winging its' way to Veena in India.

My original intention had been to use ready-made fusible bias tape for the stained glass applique, but my local quilt shop was out of the black 1/4" tape that I needed. They did, however, have the equipment needed to make my own bias tape instead. So a quick trip to the shop and I was ready.

 I found making the tape really fiddly at first, and discovered very quickly that a full-size iron is not the easiest of implements to work with when you are dealing with 1/4" wide fabrics. Fortunately, my fingers survived intact - just! 

Now that I have the bias tape maker and the fusible tape I shall definitely be casting around for inspiration for some stained glass applique projects. 

And speaking of inspiration, perhaps a visit to a museum or church will be your inspiration for a stained glass applique mini quilt entry in the

If you haven't already come across them all of the details of the competition, including the lowdown on all of the fabulous prizes up for grabs, are available here or by clicking the Holiday Memories page link at the top of the page.

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  1. Oh perfect idea for your bee block! Look forward to seeing how it turns out!

  2. I've never tried a bias tape maker. This looks beautiful

  3. This rose has turned out beautifully :)

  4. Perfect idea for you bee block. I love when inspiration strikes in the most unexpected way.
    Bias tape is fun to make. I sometimes bind my quilts with 1" bias tape.

  5. The rose block is gorgeous. Good thinking. Aren't we lucky these days to be able to find such great ideas on the web.

  6. That rose block is gorgeous!

  7. what a wonderful block. you are putting the rest of us to shame

  8. I learn so much over here.. I have never seen a stained glass block before... very effective! I have a bias tape maker, but I've never used it, as I just cut then iron.. should give it a go.

  9. Visiting from Brit Sewing. Lovely project, I like his work too.

  10. Thanks for linking up this week.
    Your Rene Mackintosh is very striking and beautiful.

  11. oh wow that is just stunning! I've just been to nab the pattern! Now I need to get my hands on some bias binding as I have that little tool but can't make it work!


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