Tuesday, 7 March 2017

60 day check-in

It is time for the second check-in of the 100 Day Challenge, doesn't time fly when you have a deadline??

My three projects for the challenge were the following:

  • By the end of the 100 days I would like to have made at least one full set of clothes for the little fellow. 
Well I have made some bibs and even used the Serger to make some of them so that is definitely progress!

And here is even more progress

My first ever item of clothing made on the Serger!

 The proof of the pudding.

I started with the easiest pattern I had and thankfully, it worked out fine. My fingers are all still intact and no essential bits of fabric were inadvertently sheared off during the making of these leggings, that is definitely a win in my book :)

Next up the more challenging t-shirt from this fun fabric.

  • My second challenge project was to make a small Boutis piece for my EG group. 
 Ta Da! One (small) piece of Boutis work done and dusted ready to be added to the wallhanging of stitch technique projects for display at the upcoming exhibition.

Ticking this one off of the list leaves me lots of time to tackle the final challenge project.

  • These blocks, and some added since this photo was taken, are from the Craftsy BOM of 2012! I need to add sashing, which I have the fabric for, and then work out how to quilt it. I doubt very much if I will get the quilting completed for the challenge, I am an arch procrastinator when it comes to basting quilts, but I would like it, at least, to become a completed quilt top!
No progress at all on this one sadly, but there are another 40 days left of the challenge to run, so there is still time for that to change! I am ever the optimist :)

So, that is my progress to date on the challenge, I am counting it as one and a half complete so far which is already better than I managed last year!

Check out how my fellow challenge participants are  progressing over at Quilter in the Closet


  1. Cheering you on my dear!!! I should join you and finish my BOM : ) Life always has little interruptions that keep us from getting things done OR new fun projects luring me in. Such is life. : ) Janita

  2. lots going on here and good to see the serger is performing so well for the baby clothes. As you know love your boutis and the quilt will look so good when fingers crossed is completed

  3. You are on a roll! Looks like you are a natural on the overlocker....Respect.x

  4. Lots of fun projects - the little trousers are adorable!

  5. The little fellow is going to be one well dressed little man.

  6. I really like the challenge projects you are working on, especially the quilt. I'm also terrible about basting, so good luck!

  7. YAY congrats on the progress with the Little Fellow Clothing Collection, which included a free side order of Practice on the Serger Without Inadvertent Fabric Shearing - you're going to be a serger pro before you know it :D Congrats too on the Booty ... I mean Boutis finish ... and you have 5ish weeks now to get the flimsy finished, so that should give you lots of time! Get cracking! :)


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