Tuesday 28 February 2017

A Boutis-liscious finish for TGIFF

Welcome to this week's TGIFF link party.

 ( I know my days and dates are all out of whack this week so apologies for posting this too early!)

I have finished my first ever Boutis project, it is definitely small but I am nonetheless thrilled with how it turned out! The project is part of a larger undertaking by my EG branch, where we were all invited to take a small piece of board and sign up to make a piece for the the board using a particular stitch technique. I chose to try my hand at Boutis, as I had been wanting to give it a go for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I traced a Celtic Knot pattern on my Batiste fabric and basted the traced fabric to a square of white cotton then placed them in the hoop.

Using DMC Coton a Broder 20 I backstitched over the traced lines.

The work is then turned over in the hoop so that the back of the stitching is uppermost. My book tells me then to stuff between the stitched lines with cotton yarn, and recommends threading the stuffing needle with cotton thread and using it to "lasso" the cotton yarn to pull it through between the stitching and layers of fabric. Well, I just couldn't get that to work for me at all, so I just threaded the stuffing needle with the cotton yarn and pulled it through on its own, and it worked just fine. You can see the ends of the yarn in the photo above. Thank goodness for my Karen Kay Buckley Scissors, they made short work of snipping off those ends :)

When the stuffing and snipping was complete this is what I ended up with.

The fabric didn't completely hide the board backing so I backed it with a small piece of white wadding and then pinned it to the board, before lacing the back.

I blanket stitched a piece of white felt to cover the back and it is now ready to join the other stitched pieces. The plan is ( I think) to join them together in some manner to make a wall hanging for the upcoming exhibition, but for now I am just relieved to have successfully completed my first ever piece of Boutis work :)

Now it is your turn to show off your finishes. Check out some of the other linkers too and share the joy of that heady finished feeling :)

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  1. That is a pretty little boutis-lishious finish - will you make more, or will you try something new next time? That one looked very hand-work-centric, if you know what I mean!

  2. very pretty it is rather like trapunto work I think

  3. I have never seen "boutis" before. It does look like old-style trapunto, doesn't it?

  4. What a beautiful technique! I had never heard of 'thread stuffing' before. Thank you for sharing something brand new to me!!

  5. that's a great technique Fiona, and loving that celtic knot :D

  6. I love this! It's kind of like trapunto. I've always loved that Celtic knot. Well done!

  7. That's a very pretty result. I really should try Boutis sometime but I just hate cutting into things once they're made.

  8. I've never seen this technique before. It's a great finish.

  9. Wow! Well done! Like other comments I thought if trapunto! I've never done the "stuffing " version, only the (cheating/faux) cutting away version but for small pieces this looks great!

  10. This is fantastic! Your knot design is perfect for this technique and the end result is beautiful :)

  11. Very, very effective, Fiona. I did something like this many moons ago, but without the stuffing - no idea what it was called.

  12. It's quite pretty, Fiona! Interesting technique...I'm not sure I could have gotten the lasso part to work either, I'm having trouble envisioning that one, lol. Any plans to do more boutis in the future?


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