Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Checking In

It is time to make the first check in for the 100 Day Challenge

My three projects for the challenge were to

  1. Master the shiny new serger sitting in my sewing room
  2. Try out the New to Me technique of Boutis
  3. Finish the long overdue Craftsy BOM quilt top

So, have I made any progress?

Well, a little

 I have managed to thread the beast and changed the blade width to resolve a tension problem, so it is not looking quite as scary as before. Next up, finding out how to navigate corners with those lethal blades around!

Rather than use a pattern from  The Art of Boutis I have decided to use a Celtic Knot pattern, which I think will lend itself to the technique. As you can see the pattern is traced and ready to be stitched. I was originally going to use ordinary stranded cotton for the quilt stitching but have ordered the DMC Coton a Broder recommended in The Art of Boutis instead, so once it arrives in the next day or so I can get cracking on that.

I have made absolutely no progress on the Craftsy BOM, which probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone !

Hopefully at the next check-in 60 days in I will have lots of progress to report.


  1. glad you're working out "the beast" - the blades sound scary !!

  2. I remember Boutis from your previous post - I'm the Accidental Boutisist, LOL! Baby steps for your projects - you got the beast up and running, so it's probably a little bit less scary now - I still think that corners and lethal blades is a combo to be approached carefully, so I don't blame you for taking time on that one!

  3. good to read your are getting to know your serger. Boutis will work so well with coton a broder as you will only need one strand which is easier to work with, never mind re the BOM maybe this month you will do it

  4. Corners on an overlocker need LOTS of practise. I'm still learning. Well done on changing the blade - I've never done that.

  5. I bought one of these beasts some time ago. I did manage to serge a kimono for my husband, all with the assistance of the sewing instructor, in class. At home, I have tried, I have stopped counting the times, to thread the stupid machine, to no avail. So there it sits in a corner, I wish you all the luck in the world after the novelty of it all has passed.

  6. Luckily my overlocker came with three threads and we managed to do the 4th - all black though - I think I need to copy your crazy colours! Have fun with the embroidery, I'm into zenbroidery at the mo!!! Xx

  7. I have a serger sitting in the corner. Will attempt to learn it one of these days

  8. Well done on getting to know your overlocker. I bought one last year and love it.... wish I had bought one earlier. Looking forward to seeing your 60 day progress.

  9. I'm interested to see how your boutis progresses. I just looked up what it actually was and saw a stunning photo on wikipedia :)


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