Thursday 16 March 2017

Getting the green, white and gold on!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Shamrock Hearts Cushion
I have been working on some last minute makes for the EG exhibition and sale tomorrow, and with a St Patrick's Day celebration in view naturally green, white and gold were the top of my colour picks!

You may remember these display pegs?

They were made from a Bustle and Sew pattern a couple of years ago and they sit on the edge of my pen holder keeping a tight grip on all sorts of useful notes and things :)

I thought that they would be ideal for a quick and quirky make for the craft sale so dug out the pattern and searched through my stash for appropriate scraps.

Green, white and gold naturally!

And here they are, another flock of birds ready to fly off to new homes. These are such fun to do, so I hope they sell well and give me an excuse to make another flock next year :)

That's my finish for this week's TGIFF link party, now it is your turn to link up your finishes and add to the St Patrick's Day festivities with a celebration of your own. Check out the other linkers and congratulate them on achieving that Friday finish feeling too :)


  1. Love the peg birds and your cushion, especially like how the hearts make up the shamrock. You have a lot of different green fabrics, I'm not sure I do, it's not a colour I use much, though quite inadvertently my blog post today contradicts me and is very fitting for Paddy's Day (or Patty's Day as they call it over here - hurts my ears to hear it ;D).

  2. both cushion and peg birds will be very popular, missed the birds first time round o glad you shared them again

  3. The birds are wonderful! How adorable and so different!

  4. Those birds are so cute! Love the outline stitching you did on them. And the clothespins on the back are brilliant!!!

  5. If the kids had been here for supper I would have done something festively green, but it was just hubby and I so the parsley in my Chicken Fajita Bake was it :D I did wear my St. Patrick's Day glasses outside when I went to get the mail and to chat with the neighbour :D He's used to me being weird, but the guy that was visiting him, was probably a bit taken aback, HAHA!

    Cute birds!

  6. That is a lovely flock of birds. Happy St Patrick's Day :)

  7. Awesome :) These are so pretty

  8. Those little birds are so adorable!

  9. Ooooh, I have thatbird pattern , thanks for the reminder! They look great!


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