Saturday 28 March 2015

Rising to the challenge

Recently, Katy at The Littlest Thistle has been challenging us all to get to grips with our cameras. Having supposedly mastered the Landscape, Portrait and Sports settings we were then challenged with something called the triangle of light (No, I had no idea what she was talking about either!)

To get to grips with this scary sounding triangle we first had to get our heads around the aperture settings. Now, as it happens I usually use the aperture setting on my camera, so most of what Katy said about the challenge almost made sense:) In a later post mathematical equations were being banded about and they definitely made no sense whatsoever!

We took a photo of a line of objects, focusing on the front object and increasing the aperture with each photo. So, the above photo was taken with the aperture set to f5.6 and the focus on the front reel. The front reel is in focus but the rest are not

Same photo at f8

At f11 the second and third reels are now in focus but the lettering on the last two reels is indecipherable

At f22 you can read the lettering on the brown spool

At f29 you can read all of the lettering on the spools.

We then had to repeat the exercise focusing this time on the centre object

So, this time at f5.6 the green spool is in focus but the spools either side are not

At f11 only the front and back spools are indistinct

At f29 the variation in the front thread is now discernable.

And just in case you thought that all this information was going in one ear and out the other (it has been known!)

On our sporting trip to Murrayfield last weekend I was able to catch the flamethrower using the Sports mode

and the sequence of a lineout, which unfortunately was about the only piece of action that happened directly in front of us. By this stage, my Irish husband, was too tense to utter anything more than the odd syllable so it was maybe just as well. His heart rate only recovered when the fact of Ireland's winning of the Six Nations Championship sank in around 10.00p.m that evening :) Sadly for me, Scotland could only gain the Wooden Spoon, so our prospects for the World Cup later this year seem rather dismal :(

Throw - in


This month's challenge is to get to grips with the shutter speed, so I am off to find some fast moving objects :) There weren't many of them to be found amongst the Ireland fans on Sunday morning in Edinburgh I can tell you :)


  1. Good for you miss camera girl :) You are making me so proud of you for playing along and getting so camera smart. I really need to get on board and learn too. Experiencing a bit of March madness here. Lots of things taking my time.... sewing is not one of them. janita

  2. I've just woken up so I am finding it difficult to tell the difference between all the cotton reels but I will take your word for it. The line out photos are clever.

  3. Until I find my specs I can't read the numbers on any spools, but well done you! I've got really lazy and just use my phone for all photos

  4. Good for you Fiona, I'm with Benta and use my point and shoot phone camera but I do use editing software before posting online.

  5. Well done Fiona - I did take a series of shots of some spools too but just haven't gotten around to posting about them, struggling for time this week.

  6. Great shots of both sets of subjects. I never seem to be able to get to grips with all there is to learn about photographing and proper use of cameras so tend to stick to the dummy mode myself most of the time. Thankfully though my other half is a bit of an expert so when I need something in particular photographed properly I can always call on him to do the job for me.

  7. I really should invest the time in a course like this, Fiona. Great photos!!!

  8. You had a great view of the match! Brilliant day for it!

  9. They do look clever photos, but I'm afraid most of that went whoosh, right over my head!

  10. Your photography experiments are having great results. And congrats to your husband - he must have been delighted by that win :)

  11. The triangle of light?! You Go, Girl! If anyone can, you can!!! ;)

  12. Oh good on you! I had 3 weeks with Ms Katy in a camera van and came away a lot wiser but still a photography dunce! I really should be doing this - good to see what you are doing with it!


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