Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Zipping again!

Triple Zip pouches are officially addictive, if you are making one you might as well make two! Maybe that is just me though :)

Once I had made this one 

Triple Zip Freya

I just kept going and made this one too!

Triple Zip irons

They are such a great way of using up scraps too, as the accent pieces are only 8" x 1.25".

My stock of zips is rapidly diminishing but I have my eye on these gloriously bright zips from Zipit, they would be just perfect for a host of Triple Zip pouches!


  1. I always like making multiples of zippered pouches. I find I can make each one faster than the one before - very efficient use of time. Another great looking triple zip pouch. I buy most of my zips from Zipit.

  2. Another really cute pouch! I'm really loving your choice of fabrics. There is defintiely no such thing as too many triple zip pouches, they are so very practical and I enjoy making them. Zipit is great for zips. I love the YKK zips they stock and their choice of colours is wonderful.

  3. Addictive indeed... I've made at least five. :) Yours are adorable!

  4. OOPS I wasn't signed in when I posted my comment - I think it disappeared into the ether of the internet, but in case it shows up eventually, apologies for the duplicate :D

    I love those zipper bags - I made a triple zip a while ago when it first came out. Such a cute bag! I ran into problems @ the end and ended up "winging it". Then I found an online tutorial written by someone who did an "alternative ending" for the project. I meant to try that version but haven't gotten around to it. I should cut out a few of them and get cracking! I certainly have enough zippers - many of which came from the lovely Jennie @ Zipit - she's a treasure :D

  5. You are really tempting me with these beautiful triple zip pouches!

  6. Those bright zips would be great, but your two so far both look lovely as they are.

  7. Lovely! I've just ordered a lifetime supply of zips from zipit- or should I say a *second* lifetime's supply!!!!


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