Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Double Crossed

Our final Queen Bee in the Fat Stash Brit Bee is Jo, who blogs at Don't Drink and Sew and isn't that a wonderful name for a blog!

Jo asked for blocks based on the Intersection Block tutorial by Film in the Fridge and sent us out some solid fabric to be added to for the blocks.

There was some confusion about the sizing for the blocks as the tutorial provides a range of potential sizes for the piecing, but perhaps due to coincidence (or luck!) both of my blocks came out at the same size! The blocks were very easy to put together and, as you have undoubtedly heard here before, it probably took longer to decide on the fabric than it did to make the blocks :)

Jo intends to use her Bee blocks to make a quilt for the Siblings Together charity, which also has a current Bee, where I am Queen Bee this month. Now, I do have a confession to make with regard to this Bee, as Jo was the first Queen Bee in the current round and I managed to miss her month completely!

So, I decided that this was the ideal opportunity to redeem myself and make up for the earlier missing blocks by doubling up my efforts for Jo this month instead.

These blocks are also winging their way down South and will, hopefully, be keeping a child warm this winter.

With any luck my own Siblings Together quilt will be ready to do the same in the not-too-distant future too :)

If you would like to lend a hand without committing to a full size quilt, check out Joanne's block request at

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  1. Fabric selection for blocks can be really tricky! How nice of you to double up this month. :)

  2. That's looking remarkably like a Devon flag to me!

  3. That's a nice block - the solid outer squares set off the printed fabrics in the center - lucky Jo :D

  4. Nice blocks! I especially like the ones with the black at the center as it really makes the black pop! It is also fun seeing quilts being made round the world to comfort those in need!

  5. Love my blocks, Fiona, and you are so kind to make me an extra two! Can't wait to get cracking with this one. XX

  6. It never ceases to amaze me, just how different blocks can look, just by the choice of fabric. This is a great block for using smallish pieces of fabric. They all appeal to me.

  7. Nice blocks. very celtic colours - how appropriate!


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