Monday, 18 August 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew in August

Well we definitely are on the downhill slope to Christmas now, in a couple of weeks time the schools will go back here in England so that usually means that the Christmas cards will be appearing in the shops very soon after! In Scotland they are further ahead of the game, on a visit to a local garden centre with my mum last week we were tempted by the recently laid out boxes of Christmas cards but managed to resist and head for the ice-cream instead :)

For crafters though it is never too early to start thinking of Christmas, so in an effort to have you all organised for Christmas it is time to head on over to this month's Christmas Angel, Erin, who blogs at Missy Mac Creations for August's Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew Link Party. Erin has a beautiful baby girl to make for this Christmas, so it will be extra special this year over at Missy Mac towers :)

If you are new to the party, let me fill you in on the details. Paula and I decided at the end of last year that Christmas 2014 was going to be different, this time round there would be no late-night sewing sessions or frantic last-minute dashes to the Post Office. This time we were going to work on Christmas and Holiday projects throughout the year so come December we would be so organised we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves :)

We decided to share our plans with our blogging friends and invite them to be organised too, with a monthly Link Party to provide a gentle nudge. As ever we have a lovely incentive for you to get crafting and linking and this time it is a great Christmas Ornament Pattern Set courtesy of the lovely Alicia at Posie: Patterns and Kits to stitch, isn't that cottage adorable?

To win the pattern set all you have to do is head on over to Missy Mac Creations and link up a Christmas or Holiday-themed finish that you have completed this month. The link up will remain open until the end of the month, when a random winner will be drawn. Couldn't be any easier, could it?

My own Christmas crafting this month is one jewellery roll for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law,

 and I have started making some Christmas coasters to go with the wine charms from May's link party.

They will hopefully be finished before the end of the month! 

So now it is your turn to show and tell, head on over to Missy Mac Creations and share your Christmas makes. 

As ever we are grateful to our lovely and generous sponsors who have provided us with such great prizes for the Link Party.
Fluffy Sheep QuiltingRay Stitch HaberdasheryBackstitch

Quiet PlayQuilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter ShopPlush Addict Logo  Posie: Patterns and Kits to Stitch by Alicia Paulson


  1. The cottage is cute, but I love the way she embellished the Christmas tree! I wondered why Missy Mac Creations jogged a bell with me - she hosted "Donktober" a year ago --- I would have loved to have joined that but I didn't see anything about it until long afterwards, lol. Celebrate the donkey - what a hoot!

    My August Christmas projects are underway so I'll definitely be participating this month :) Your jewellery roll is gorgeous, and the coasters will be adorable when they're completed - you got such a nice finish on the binding - that's hard for me when the project is tiny - I can barely handle quilt size, let alone coaster size, lol!

  2. I love your Christmas makes. I have made nothing towards Christmas, as yet.

  3. The schools went back here last week (but they've been off for ever, or so it seems!)... and I'm still stubbornly refusing to think about Christmas!! Mind you, the Post Office decided to levy whopping customs charges on my parcels last year, so I may not be playing that game again as the recipients were not amused - it might be time for alternative solutions!, but I love your presents - esp. the jewellery roll!

  4. your jewellery roll is exquisite. Greet cottage scene but nothing holiday or christmas related I can share

  5. i predict you will have finished your Christmas making before December arrives!!!

  6. Oh my, Christmas cards already - totally crazy!!

  7. It feels like Christmas is rapidly approaching. Here in the US shops are going to start displaying Christmas décor very soon (way to soon)
    Your coasters are adorable. What a neat idea.

  8. Pfft, still months to go yet (she says, head firmly stuck in sand)

  9. I'm with Katy, Christmas is months away. Oh, I was going to be so organised, Fiona and your posts each month remind me I'm not.... LOL!!! Loving the look of your coasters.

  10. Lovely stuff! I ACTUALLY have a Christmassy post this month, so I'm off to follow the link! Thanks


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