Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Bees and WIP's

Now that it is March, the first month of the Fat Stash Brit Bee kicks off.

Svea our Queen Bee for March, is planning a space themed quilt so has sent me out these two FQ's with the instruction "to boldly go ..." Should be a fun project!

I am also ploughing away with the quilting on my And Sew On BOM wallhanging. Perhaps it is because Kristy's current BOM is kitchen themed, but I am definitely throwing everything including the kitchen sink at this as far as quilting goes :)

As well as the usual swirls and squiggles,

And Sew On BOM quilting

there have been

Pebble quilting

pebbles and even an attempt at

Tree bark quilting

tree bark!
FMQ gloves

Personally, I blame these gloves, once I have them on I feel like I should be quilting everything in sight! They are certainly a step up from my pretty, but not so grippy (!) gardening gloves.

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  1. I love your tree bark especially! Well done!

  2. I agree - the tree bark is brilliant! So gloves are the way to go? :-)

  3. you have become a FMQ queen! my favorite is the tree bark too :)

  4. impressed with your quilting, like the others I love the tree bark,

  5. There's no stopping you now, is there? I love the tree bark too.

  6. Your new gloves look reasonably light weight too. It looks like yo are having fun!

  7. Oh yay love the pebbling and the tree bark! I enjoy FMQ'ing but not the subsequent backache! Great to see your quilting successes x

  8. Look at you go with the FMQ!!! The tree bark looks so effective.

  9. FMQ looks great - love the tree bark. I quite like the space fabric too, lots of room for the imagination there!

  10. Your wall hanging is looking great. I love the tree bark quilting.

  11. I'm getting jealous. I just don't seem to have the FMQ attitude these days.

  12. Looks like you've been having hours of quilty fun there!

  13. Thanks for your comment. And yes I see, you're also stitching loops. :)


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