Thursday 13 February 2014

An unusual decoration

Giddy with the rather rare sight of sun at the weekend, we ventured out to explore a new to us stately home in our neck of the woods.

Seaton Delaval Hall, has had a rather chequered past with a great fire in 1822 all but destroying the main Hall. Historically the Hall is important as the last masterpiece of the architect, Sir John Vanbrugh, who is probably better known for designing Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard

The Delaval family who owned the house for several generations until they passed the ownership on to the National Trust, were an unusual bunch. One heir groped a chambermaid and died as a result of the hefty kick in the groin that he received from the object of his affections! Another became an MP after shooting guinea coins from a cannon to help "persuade" the local electorate, whilst another died after a drunken fall down his own steps.

Naturally, the Hall is reputed to have a resident ghost, the White Lady, who was apparently a chambermaid who died of a broken heart after a son of the house went off to war and never returned. A stately home isn't worth its salt if it doesn't have a resident ghost :)

We weren't quite sure what to make of these items hanging on the walls when we discovered that they were man traps. They looked fairly intimidating before we discovered their true purpose but looked entirely evil after. Not such a quaintly comic heritage after all.

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  1. Got to love a good stately home (especially on a dry day too!) xxx

  2. couldn't make up better stories if you tried!! Mantraps...yikes!!!

  3. Man traps... wouldn't want to step on one of those contraptions!!!

  4. Sounds like a great adventure. The estate looks lovely. I don't know about man traps though... they look quite scary.

  5. You should do a night time visit, lol.

  6. Sunshine AND a stately home! Sounds a good combination

  7. You have such interesting things to explore in your part of the world. It makes all of our "old" buildings seem so young by comparison.


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