Wednesday 19 February 2014

A little bit of FMQ'ing going on

If you are looking for the Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew February Link party you will find it here

Have I mentioned that I modified the foot of my Free Motion Quilting machine foot? Maybe just once or twice :)

Well, I don't know whether it is all in the mind, but suddenly the fear is gone and I have been FMQ'ing away to my heart's content.

Leaf quilting close up

So there has been hearts,

Coffee Lovers set complete

Holly leaves

And Sew On BOM quilting

and now stippling!

I can't claim to be a master of any of them, but I am enjoying myself all the same. I have taken the opportunity of Quiet Play's And Sew On BOM quilt to practise all sorts of weird and wonderful FMQ (to me anyway!) , and will, hopefully, be able to share them all with you soon. Forewarning though, some are definitely better than others :)

Tomorrow I am going to a full day FMQ class at my LQS, so perhaps by the end of the day I will actually know what I am doing!

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  1. Hey, placebos work for a reason you know :oD Enjoy the class!

  2. Yay! Whatever the reason, well done its looking great!

  3. i think you are doing an awesome job of trying out different quilting patterns and look forward to hearing your thoughts after you take your class! Have fun!!!

  4. Do the backs look as great as the fronts? My only FMQing efforts look kinda OK on the top, but a bunch of rubbish on the back :(

  5. Good for you! I need to overcome my fear and do some :-)

  6. you certainly have caught the FMQ bug, good work

  7. All of your different motifs look wonderful! I was not brave enough to modify my FMQ foot! :D I was a little worried about destroying it, is the modification simple to do? I hope you enjoyed your class!

  8. It looks wonderful Fiona! I love those little hearts you quilted, so lovely.

  9. let us know how the class goes. I'm waiting for Trudi to hold another one so I can learn from the master. your FMQ looks great to me, love the hearts and well done for plucking up the courage to quilt your And Sew On

  10. Your fmq is looking great! Hope you enjoy the class :)


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