Friday 22 February 2013

Owl Notebook Cover

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Now that I know my partner has received her package I can show you the Owl Notebook cover that was part of my Friendship Bag Swap package.

I really enjoyed putting this together and fortunately my partner likes it too!

The notebook was a small pocket notebook purchased in the local supermarket and the paper-piecing pattern for the owl is available here. Any 3" block or paper-piecing pattern could be substituted for the owl if owls are not your thing!

To make the notebook cover in addition to these two supplies you will need two small beads for the owl eyes, although you could also stitch the eyes if this was intended for a child, and scraps of fabric for the cover and border and a piece of fabric twice the width of the notebook plus 5" x the height of the notebook plus 1" for the lining.

Using your paper-piecing pattern create the Owl front for your cover.

Add borders to your block in the background fabric to make the block equal 2x the width of the front cover of the notebook plus 5". Make sure that your paper-pieced block is centred on the right-hand half of the block allowing for the overlap.

Add border strips to the top and bottom of your block to make the block equal the height of the notebook, again centering the owl.

Add beads for the eyes or cross-stitch eyes instead.

Cut your lining fabric to match the dimensions of this block.

Add a 1.25" border strip in contrasting fabric to the top and bottom of your cover block.

Right sides together pin and stitch the lining fabric to the top and bottom edges of the notebook cover.

Press the lined block centering the lining and notebook cover to create a contrast border on the top and bottom edges of the lining and outer cover.

Pin and stitch one side edge together, then repeat for the other edge but leave a gap to turn the cover right sides out.

Turn notebook cover right sides out through the gap and slip stitch the gap closed. Press.

Centering the paper-pieced block on the front cover fold the excess cover at each end to the inside of the notebook. Pin folded fabric to the front and back of the cover at the top and bottom edges. Remove the notebook from the cover and slip stitch the inner folded fabric to the outer cover using matching thread at both top and bottom edges.

Slip book into cover and you are finished!

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  1. That owl is so cute! Where did you get the fabrics, they're perfect? His wings look like they'd be soft to stroke.

  2. Oh I love this cover! Very clever and sweet!

  3. That owl is just perfect!!! Aoife is so right, that fabric looks textured!!

  4. Okay, I just love this! Thanks for the link, I'm going to have to make that owl :)

  5. That is such a cute owl! The journal cover looks so soft and touchable!

  6. You did a great job on the owl. I don't mind paper piecing except the angles can be hard to cover. Lovely.

  7. What a cute little owl! Great job!

  8. I love the feathery fabric too - it looks great.

  9. That is so sweet! I want one :-).

  10. Thanks for the tutorial along with this great project. I had not realised that you had moved back to the UK. Settled? I will miss your snippets and photos of Latvia. Promise to do some cute English and Scottish towns for me please.

  11. What a great idea! I "pinned" this so I wouldn't forget because I do see one of these in my future! Thanks for the tutorial. Sew cute!

  12. Love your little owl - it's so sweet!

  13. So, so cute and his eyes do appear to be staring, just like an owl and our resident tawny frog mouths.

  14. This is such a cute cover and a great tute :)

  15. I'm soooo gonna have to make one of these, if not more....already bought the pattern, now off to find some fabrics to make it with!


  16. Your notebook cover is so cute! How much fun would a bunch of different colored owls be :-)


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