Tuesday 5 February 2013

Mine's a triple!

This week I have been a bit of a bag lady, in the nicest possible way of course.

I signed up for the Triple Zip A Long at a Quilter's Table, which kicked off last week. As my zip order arrived on the first day of the ZAL I had no excuses not to tackle my first ever Triple Zip pouch.

Triple Zip A Long pouch

The last step for the pouch really had me puzzled, but a quick look at the discussions in the 3ZAL Flickr group where an alternative for the last step was posted and hey presto! a Triple-Zip pouch. I have already cut out the fabric to make two more of them!

There are over 70 pouches posted to the group already so it is definitely worth checking them out if you haven't already seen them. There are some brilliant combinations of fabrics and zips. Patti's  mixed-up zips will have you looking at your zip stash in a whole new way!

In my quest to keep ahead of things and not be frantically trying to complete projects just before the deadline I have been trying my hand at a quilted Friendship Bag for the Friendship Bag Swap I signed up for recently too. The bag is quilted before being made up so I took the chance to try out quilt marking with a Hera marker for the first time. The marking itself was fine but I had some difficulty seeing the marks under the glare of the light on the sewing machine. I wonder if it is time to finally admit that maybe glasses are called for!

Quilted Friendship Bag

The instructions for the Friendship Bag are available here

It was a joy to put together and I am really looking forward to seeing what my swap partner has come up with for me.

Speaking of partners my blocks for November for the SMQ Bee finally arrived a couple of days ago despite the best efforts of the US and UK postal system! The first time they were sent they were returned to sender but they managed to make their way through unscathed this time. Now all I need are the blocks from October, and they are apparently due to be sent out soon, and I will have the full set.

November block1

The voting is now open for Rikka's Curved Seams Challenge, which turned out to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. You can check out the challenge entries here (Pam's curved seams dress is just lovely!) and maybe cast a vote or two whilst you are there ;)

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  1. A triple zipper! wow that is quite a challenge. Your pouch turned out so pretty. I really like your bag for the Friendship Bag swap. Your partner is very lucky.

    1. By they way, I just voted for your tablecloth. Good luck.

  2. I love the bag - again lovely colours and well done on the triple zip. I imagine that was a bit of a challenge!!

  3. I've had the same problem with the hera, perhaps it depends on the type of lighting you use?

  4. Your triple zip is fantastic Fiona! Love the paisley print. The friendship bag looks great too. you've been busy!

  5. Beautiful triple zip! I want to make mine this week ; )

  6. Lovely bag, and the triple zip, beautiful!

  7. I almost signed up for the Triple zip swap. The paisley print takes me back to the 70s... love it!!!! Beautiful fabric combination in the Friendship bag, too. Thanks for your kind words...

  8. Well done on the triple zippy, I really need to find time to try this.

  9. I love the bag and of course the Triple Zip! You certainly are one busy lady. The pouch is another on my many list of items I'd love to do. Voted, certainly hope you win.

  10. Love your bag - and the pouch! Great fabric choices too!

  11. SO glad you joined in the 3ZAL! Your pouch is great.

  12. The pouch is so pretty! I love, love, love your bag too! Red and aqua is the most pleasing combination and grid quilting is my favorite.

    I have trouble seeing the Hera marker's markings under the glare of the sewing machine light too. It's the machines fault!:D

  13. the pouch looks great! I so have to make one of these. If I put it on the end of my to do list, I should get to it by March... 2016.

    Love the friendship bag too, great fabrics and lovely quilting

  14. Cute! Multizip bags are awesome. I'm wanting to make this one from Craftsy: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/sewing/accessory/sew-together-bag/36309

  15. The pouch and the bag turned out very nicely.


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