Monday, 4 June 2012

Craft Fairs and Craftsy Blocks

A weekend with no travelling and a new month with 2 new BOM's, easy to see where I would be at the weekend. Beforehand though, we had a quick trip to Tallinn to fit in, and to my delight there just happened to be a Craft Fair on in Tallinn Old Town whilst we were there. Time to pack husband off to work and go for a wander!

How about this for dedication to patchwork?

And doesn't that patchwork bag look great? Paper-pieced do you think?

Of the three Baltic Countries, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Estonia is the only one where patchwork and quilting is a recognisable feature of the handicraft culture. Large, tied quilts are sold in several craft shops in the Old Town, and pieced views of the architecture of the Old Town are made up into cushions and bags for sale. Despite this no-one can tell me where to buy wadding! I was very hopeful of the Textile factory I spotted on the way to Tallinn, but a quick stop there on the way home drew a blank. There must be a secret source somewhere, I will just have to keep looking!

Before settling down to watch the amazing but rain-soaked Diamond Jubilee river pageant there was just time to fit in a quick viewing of the May and June Craftsy BOM's. May's blocks were variations of the Log Cabin block and June's are based on HST's. I was surprised to find that the wonky 5-sided Log Cabin block took the most time to put together, and also to find that I enjoyed it the least. I had expected that a block where seam allowances were not crucial would be right up my alley, but actually I much preferred the more orderly Modern Frame Log Cabin block on the left.  I am obviously more orderly minded than I thought I was!

I had forgotten how good it was to get the BOM's out of the way early in the month, so I'm really pleased to have the Craftsy BOM's for June done and dusted already.

I think there are only 10 BOM's in this quilt as the last two months are dedicated to borders, binding and quilting so I am more than half-way there already, which is more than can be said for the HST BOM from In Color Order, but with no travelling this week, who knows I might even catch up on that one too :)

Don't forget to check out the great blogs this week in the Let's get acquainted Blog Hop organised by Beth at Plum and June. Kristy has posted today a great tutorial for her paper-pieced Red Herring block that was inspired by the gear pedal on her car! Now that is dedication (or something!) and Beth has a great Advice for New Bloggers guest post

June 5   
    Cinzia from Deux Petites Souris
    Kristy from Quiet Play

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  1. Good morning! Greetings from Canada. I really like your modern blocks. Such pretty fabrics too. Are you in the Scrappy! Sew bee it group? I saw your blog listed over at Rainbow Hare and thought I would say hello. Cheers!

  2. I like your blocks and the fabrics you used! I'm way behind on the Craftsy BOM. This morning I completed March's blocks. Now, I'm planning to watch the April video and get started on those.

  3. Wow, what a skirt, lol!
    Well done on getting your blocks done early, I love your fabric choices x

  4. Hey, great job on those, and what a fun stop at a craft fair. :) I was surprised when you shared that Latvia and Lithuania don't really have a recognized quilting niche. Hope you find wadding soon!

  5. Oh I'm so with you on the Craftsy May blocks - I wasn't keen on the scrappier one either! Yours look great and I'm impressed you've blitzed through June's already!

    Loving the patchwork skirt - if only I were so bold!

    Thanks for the link to my blog! I don't know about the dedication part - I think the tutorial inspiration could more be chalked up to addiction! The paper piecing kind! ;)

  6. Lovely blocks, Fiona. Not sure I could rock that skirt!!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I think that skirt is a bit too much for me too, although maybe it is the randomness that is the problem!

  7. Ha, obviously they don't believe in the open market and free trade, and they're afraid you're about to set up in competition so are hiding the wadding ;o) Great job on the blocks anyway :o)


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