Tuesday, 11 March 2014

To infinity and beyond!

March is the first month for the Fat Stash Brit Bee and our Queen Bee this month is Svea who has asked us to make blocks with a space theme for a quilt she is planning for her son.

Although I have three boys there is very little in the way of space-themed fabric in my stash. (For very little read none!) So, when I discovered a FQ of this space themed fabric in a fabric shop in York, well naturally I couldn't resist.

Fat Stash Brit Bee Block 1

The stars and rocket fabrics were sent by Svea and the centre fabric is my lucky purchase. I am hoping that the glittery dots and silver/grey mottle will pass muster for space :)

Fat Stash Brit Bee block 2

Svea asked for one block but I really wanted to try out this raw-edged applique rocket too, as it may be a long time before I get the chance again!

So, these are all ready to be posted tomorrow and I can tick another box on my very long to-do list.

Next month it is my turn to be Queen Bee and I am still dithering about what to ask for! So many great blocks, so hard to decide :)

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  1. It's true you don't the chance to make a raw-edged applique rocket everyday but I'm sure Svea will be glad you made this one. I think it will be the star block of the quilt (pun not intended but lost for a synonym at the moment!) :)

  2. Darling blocks you will be sending off and they look very space like!!

  3. They look suitably spaced out to me!

  4. (The amount of anonymous spam comments that have been coming in lately is crazy - they seem to be out in full force!) Sweet block - perfect for a boy's quilt :)

  5. Beautiful blocks Fiona! The little rocket is so cute.

  6. great blocks. Love the space rocket :-)

  7. great space blocks. Like you i go to York for fabric.

  8. I think those blocks will make a space interested boy very happy indeed! Love those fabrics.

  9. I love that little rocket and it's always great to see a 'boy' quilt!

  10. Love the raw edge applique!!! Silver and grey are most definitely space colours.

  11. That's a great idea for a quilt! And I'm sure your blocks will be loved! Good luck choosing!!!!

  12. I think you've done a really good job of space theme. Your colour choices definitely seem like appropriate space colours to me.


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