Wednesday 1 February 2023

Book 'em Danno!

 The Endeavourer's theme this month is portrait. As usual it took me ages to come up with something for the theme!

After ruling out all ideas that involved any kind of artwork, I finally decided that my portrait would be a mugshot and the criminal portrayed would be that well known scourge of the seaside and renowned chip and ice-cream thief - Mr C Gull!

 As with all mugshots there is a face-on and side view of the criminal :) The seagulls are appliqued felt, with button eyes and embroidery detail. 

I used the reverse side of this beige/white striped fabric for the background of my mugshot as it had the sepia tones that I was looking for to convey that old photo vibe.

This beach hut fabric from my stash was perfect for the back of my mugshot. The "ghost" seagulls from the applique/quilting are quite threatening I think, don't you?

Of course, every mugshot needs it's identifiers so I used the alphabet embroidery option on my sewing machine to add the crucial name, crime and date beneath the images :)

As you can no doubt guess, I had lots of fun working on this project, although thieving seagulls are not so funny when it is hot and sunny and that lovely ice-cream you have been looking forward to disappears before your very eyes :)

If you would like details of the Crime Report for our hardened criminal check it out on The Endeavourers Blog and whilst you are there have a look to see the wonderful interpretations of the theme from my fellow Endeavourers.

Readers of a certain vintage will, no doubt, be able to identify the title of this post as being a catchphrase from the TV series "Hawaii Five-O". Sadly, in the course of my research for the project I discovered that there are no seagulls on Hawaii, as the islands are too far from land for them to travel to. I couldn't resist the title though, so used it anyway with apologies to ornithologists and Hawaiians alike!


  1. I think most TV shows work in an episode where the cast goes on vacation somewhere, usually to Vegas or a lodge in the wilderness. So there *could* have been an episode where the Hawaii 5-0 crew went on vacation to California and was surprised by a gull attack. :)

  2. This is adorable! We have lots of those criminals here. LOL

  3. 'After ruling out all ideas that involved any kind of artwork', you created a wonderful piece of art and a very entertaining post :D


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