Monday 1 May 2023

Walking the Wall

 This quarter's theme for The Endeavourers challenge was maps. 

As you can see we love a good map :) Indeed, the front map in the row is from a map maker right here in the town, who is the first port of call when a road trip is in the planning.

My original plan for the challenge was a (rather) ambitious revolving set of maps based upon the border fluctuations in the UK and Ireland over the last 100 years. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and that plan was shelved :)

Instead, I took my inspiration from these maps and an endeavour that our middle and youngest sons have been undertaking for several years.

Twelve years ago the males in the family, husband and three sons, decided to spend an August Bank Holiday walking a section of Hadrian's Wall. Having visited the forts along the Wall lots of times over the preceding years it transpired that three of the participants had taken a somewhat casual approach to the endeavour, thinking in some cases that old equipment resurrected from Boy Scout trips would be sufficient for the hike. (Eldest son rocked up from London on the second day with lightweight, brand spanking new equipment and not a worry on him!). Serious consideration was given by at least two of the participants to the potential for a bus to be taken to complete the route (as it disappeared into the distance!) or failing that a broken ankle to end the misery :(

In the intervening years we all moved away from Northumberland and plans to hike other sections of the Wall were shelved. Last year, however, our middle and youngest sons moved back to the North East and resurrected the challenge with better equipment this time. 

Last month they had one five mile section left to hike to have completed the length of Hadrian's Wall. 

My quilt for this quarter's challenge is Veni, Vidi, Vici - the route of that last five mile section from Deere Street Roman Road on the left to Chesters Roman Fort on the right. 

The route taken on a sunny Sunday morning last month by Granny, Grandpa, Sons, Daughter-in-Law and grandsons followed by a pub Sunday lunch to celebrate their achievement. 


 The quilting follows both the Hadrian's Wall path and the modern road that runs along beside it. From end to end Hadrian's Wall is 73 miles long, or 80 Roman Miles, so I have embroidered the Roman Numerals for 80 to represent their achievement.

The map symbol for Roman ruins or sites is a Roman helmet so I appliqued a helmet in grey felt to the quilt and embroidered the locations of Milecastles, Turrets and Ditches along the route too.

I haven't decided yet, whether to add a photo taken of the two intrepid walkers at the end of their hike to the quilt so have left the space there if I need it.

As ever, I enjoyed working on this theme and look forward to seeing what maps are represented by my fellow Endeavourers. You can check out their projects here

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  1. It's great that your son's have come back to finish the walk and it sounds like you all had a lovely day :)


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