Thursday 1 August 2019

Quiet counting

It is time for this quarter's reveal on the Endeavourers Art Quilt blog. The theme for this quarter was " A walk in the park" and needless to say I procrastinated a lot on what to make that would fit the theme. Eventually, I decided to combine two projects into one and make a Quiet Book for the gorgeous grandsons based upon a walk in the park.

We are lucky enough to live next to a park with a boating pond so I based my book on the things that can be found in the park.

I went for a counting theme for the book so each of the pages relates to a number from 1 to 6.

Every Sunday the Model Boat Club sail their yachts and model boats in the Boating Pond, so they were the inspiration for my first page.

Just as I was beginning to make the pages for the book, a visitor to my weekly quilting class dropped off a trolley load of furnishing sample books. The lady had just retired after several years of working as an interior designer and thought that the ladies of the class might be able to find a use for her sample books. Well, you can imagine how thrilled we were to receive them :) The hull of the yacht is a piece of suede from one of the sample books and the ruffle waves are strips of silk-like furnishing fabric from another of the books.

I wanted the finished book to have lots of different stimulation, so there are a variety of textures on each page, and hidden elements to some of them. Nestled amongst the waves of the pond is a tiny fish button from Totally Buttons As I hope that this book will get handled a lot I have over stitched nearly everything as you can see :)

 Just beyond the fence of the park a couple of swans have taken up residence over the last few years, so they were the inspiration for the second page.

Lifting the flap of the swans' nest reveals two eggs waiting to be hatched!

The Model Boat clubhouse was the inspiration for page three. I used magnets to attach the three window shapes to the page and another button from Totally Buttons with three ducks to reinforce the number.The name of each shape was also free-machined embroidered below the window magnets.

Of course, a park will have dog walkers so they were the inspiration for page four. I used the Crafted Applique technique with Mod Podge for the dogs and added snaps to felt bones in different sizes to match up with the dogs. Tiny butterfly buttons from Totally Buttons again finished off the page.

 Page 5 was inspired by the beds of flowers that are currently in full bloom in the park.

Each different colour flower head is attached by a matching button and the colour is freeform machine embroidered up the side of the flower stem. Of course, flowers in full bloom attract bees so they were embroidered on too! Can you tell that I was having great fun with this challenge ?

Initially I only intended to make five pages but as I wanted this to be an accordion type book I realised that I needed six to make that work. Some (lots of ) head scratching later I decided that my park would definitely have some ladybirds and here they are. The leaves are made of various fabrics, those sample books came in very handy, and the ladybirds are satin stitched red felt bodies attached to a black felt base. Contained within each ladybird and leaf is a sew-in magnet and each leaf has a number from 1 to 6 machine stitched on. Six tiny embroidered caterpillars added another bit of texture and fun :)

The back pages were created with squares of sun-printed fabric attached to a number fabric that just happened to be lurking in my stash! I used flowers, leaves, paper cut outs of butterflies and sliced mushrooms to create the prints. The feather print on the book's cover was made with my grandson when we visited them recently so it is particularly fitting for the front page :)

The interior of the book pages is a thick, firm wadding that also happened to be in my stash. I think it is Bosal Foam that I originally purchased for bag making. It was perfect for the book as it is soft for little hands but also sturdy enough to stand up and, hopefully, keep its' shape.

With the attachment of a button and felt flap closure for each side and a binding of green with tiny spiders my Counting in the Park quiet book was complete.

I do love working on the Endeavourers Challenges, but I think this has been my favourite so far even if it has probably also been the most work!

So, that is my response to the challenge of "A walk in the park" head on over to the Endeavourers blog to find out how my fellow Endeavourers rose to the challenge!


  1. Wow! This is amazing! I hope your grandson enjoys his book and tells his own story of the walk in the park with a pair of swans and six ladybirds! Won't you have fun together!

  2. What a great idea. You put a lot of thought into all the aspects of this wonderful book.

  3. I love this! The dots on the ladybirds to match their numbers! The little additional creatures on each page! And the fact that your grandson helped you make the cover fabric. Very inspirational!

  4. What fun! I too hope your grandson enjoys this book! So many fun things on each page!

  5. First, thank you for posting this on your website so I can respond. Amazing is the only word I can think of. I could spend hours looking at it myself and would love to get my hands on all those buttons and snaps. The sun prints were another special edition, very clever. You really came up with a terrific challenge.

  6. What a wonderful labor of love! So much amazing detail and texture. I love those ruffly waves of satin, and the tiny caterpillars. Great interpretation of the prompt :)

  7. This is great, love the use of textures and especially of the use of fabric samples. Think the waves are my favourite

    1. Thanks Kay, I was delighted when the samples were brought in as I knew straightaway that I could use them in the book!

  8. This is phenomenal, Fiona! I love all the little details. I can see why you'd say it has been your favourite project :)

  9. You have gone all out, Fiona!!! An AWESOME quiet book!!! And now you will have the pleasure of introducing it to your grandsons.

  10. This is incredible, Fiona. I love everything about it. The sea on the first page is really cleverly done and you've included such a variety of textures and details. Really this is twelve quilts and all of them are wonderful! I can imagine it was fun to plan and make and I'm sure all the children (and adults) in your family will enjoy it for generations :)

  11. Oh My Gosh!!! THat is a fantastic idea - and what a fantastic book!!! LOVE it!!!

  12. I'm thinking the sixth caterpillar is on the fifth ladybug's leaf... What fun to create all these counting pages on your own!! You have truly shown Creative Ability!!!

  13. Wow Fiona, this is just too clever and so very cute! I have a feeling it will be treasured for many generations to come xx

  14. Wow, Fiona! I’m sure you had a lot of fun making your book, and i bet the boys will love it!
    Barbara x


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