Monday, 12 August 2019

Diggers, Dolphins and Dilemmas

In between waiting for workmen to come and finish my sewing room I have managed to get the sewing machine out and stitch up a couple of summer shirts for gorgeous grandson number 1.

Like all small boys our grandson loves all sorts of utility vehicles but diggers are especially interesting, so when I saw the Small Things on the Move fabric by Lewis and Irene I knew exactly what to do with it.

I used the pattern by Pox Couture to make two shirts last summer, which were a tad big for him then so I used the same pattern size this year and will be keeping my fingers crossed that they are now the right size!

This one is also in a Lewis and Irene fabric called Spindrift. This time I triple-checked that I had the buttons and buttonholes on the correct side!

The shirts are fairly straightforward to put together, there is a bit of jiggery-pokery required to fit the collar on neatly but other than that it is relatively simple.  Less simple on this one was getting the buttonholes right. My sewing machine did not like that pocket placement on the dolphin shirt even although it was the same on the diggers shirt. When I was stitching the automatic buttonhole nearest to the pocket, the machine foot got stuck when it reached the pocket and had stitched repeatedly in the same place before I realised. I really hate unpicking buttonholes :( The solution I found was to stitch the buttonhole from the opposite end so that the foot worked away from the pocket not towards it.

That wasn't my only button related mishap though as I managed to miscount when I was marking the buttonholes and had to mark them out again. Now, I have some questions for the experienced dressmakers reading this. I made the mark above with an air-erasable marker and haven't ironed the shirt yet as I am worried that if I do it might set the mark permanently. Is that likely? How long should I wait for the mark to disappear and if it doesn't if I wash the shirt will that make it disappear? I am definitely regretting using a pink marker on white fabric!

Looking forward to getting the benefit of your advice :)


  1. Glad you've been able to do some sewing, despite the sewing room not being finished. Two adorable little shirts! I use a marker that brushes off, so can't help, sorry.

  2. What adorable shirts. Hope you've been getting lots of grandson snuggles.

  3. These are great. You really do have the best dressed grandchildren. I don't know about the air erasable marker. I use frixon pens for everything. Why don't you mark 2 scraps of fabric with the air marker and try ironing one and washing one and see what happens. I hope something will get it out :)

  4. They're both adorable. Grandson #1 will be handsomely dressed, for sure :)

  5. He will be the best dressed little man on the block.

  6. Lovely shirts! I hope you find a solution for the marker ..... sorry, I can’t help either, I use Frixion pens or pencil.
    Barbara x


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