Sunday, 25 August 2019

A Book and a BOM

Is it just me or are the months flying by? It is hard to believe that it is the 25th of the month already, which means that it is time for this month's New to Me link party!
This month my New to Me's are a mix of complete and only just begun projects.

The complete was my first ever Quiet Book for this quarter's Endeavourers Challenge.

The pages included my first time using sew-in magnets, despite having them in my stash for years :) It was also my first time using Bosal Foam again despite having it in my stash for at least three years! Clearly the policy of never throwing anything out on the basis that it will come in handy one day is warranted.

The only just begun project is my first block for the Happy Little Things BOM that started this month and will run through to December. As you can see not a lot of progress has been made, despite the fact that I have taken this to the last two meetings of my Quilt Group! That probably tells you the ratio of stitching to chatting at the group :)

The Happy Little Things BOM combines two of my favourite things, embroidery and quilting, so I couldn't resist joining in. I have chosen to embroider the centres of each block but instructions are also given for an appliqued block centre or a pieced  novelty fabric centre, so the resulting quilts are going to look very different when finished.

So, that's my New to Me's this month now it is your turn to share anything that you have tried for the first time this month. As ever, the link party will remain open until the end of the month and as always you are invited to share your New to Me's regardless of whether the outcome was success or failure, everything is a learning opportunity here!

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  1. Your book is lovely, Fiona! I’d never heard of Bosal Foam but I recently bought something which I think is very similar, for the bag I mentioned that I’d like to finish soon, for my embroidery threads! I only started it around 2014, I think, so maybe it should be finished this year! (Smiles!)
    The block of the month looks interesting, and you’ve made a good start. It’s nice to have some embroidery you can pick up whenever you feel like it!
    Thank you for organising your link party.
    Barbara xx

  2. Hi Fiona, what a lovely book. I didn't know that there was such a thing as sew-in magnets...good to know! I think that we all have things in our stash of to-be-used someday, and they are usually not used because it's new to us. I know that it takes me a while to start playing with a new technique, except for this month's squirrel :-)

  3. Your book is wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing your new BOM grow :)


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